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Chapter 2
Jane’s lesson


Jane had grown up in an orphanage and no person ever spoke to her in such a manner. "How dare you speak to me that way?" She said her face now burning red.

"I am here to train you girl nothing more or less. Now stand in front of me so I can get a good look at you." He replied, his voice was stern and dry.
Jane did as she was told though her mind was still elsewhere. "Have your look" she said stopping in front of the older man.

So he did, not to admire but to study and size up. "Speed will be your weapon, focus your creed, and patience your watch word."  He said standing up.  He walked over to a weapons case and opened it. Inside was an assortment of knives, swords, and pistols.

"I have a gun already." Jane said looking at the man.

"Good for you, but these are not guns. These are weapons and in time they will be as needed to you as your own heart." He responded not looking up. He needed to get this right after all. A persons blade or in her case blades must be perfectly matched. So he studied the contents of the chest carefully.

"Weapon, gun it's all the same thing." Jane said.

Finally he knew just the ones to pick and selected them. Carefully he removed one midsized knife. Its metal was bright silver and razor sharp, it had a carefully crafted handle made from carbon fiber.  Next he pulled out a long blade which resembled a Japanese Katana only it was completely black also razor sharp.  Looking at the blades in his hand he nodded and walked over to Jane.  “Grant me this wish, O Sword. I may never fear to stand up for righteousness. I may not fear when I go to war. If my defeat is definitive, I may die fighting in the battlefield for the sake of righteousness.” He said then carefully handed the now sheathed blades to Jane.

“What are these?” Jane asked taking the blades into her hands.

“Your life, your fate, and likely your death.” He replied.

“My death?  You think I intend to die?”  Jane asked pulling the sword from its sheath slightly to admire the blade.  

Dalbir looked at Jane hard with his dark brown eyes and smiled “No one intends to die young lady.  That is what the training is for, however it is a great honor of a warrior to die in battle.”  He stepped back and paused before continuing “The Captain has seen fit to assign you to the 775th Special Ranger Battalion.  You will be assigned to the Bastogne until he no longer requires your services.  You will train under me until I deem you ready for actual missions, and from what I have seen thus far that will be a long time from now.  You are disrespectful, lack discipline, and have no idea how to handle yourself.  That will change in the coming weeks and months.”  With that he turned and walked over to a sparing area.

“Months?  I don’t have time to wait months.”  Jane protested.

“Fine girl, take me down to the mat and I will recommend that you are ready now.”  Dalbir said in reply.

Jane stood up and walked over to the sparing mat and looked at her opponent.


Jane had about all she could stand from this old man “call me girl one more time” she thought walking up the sparing mat.  She studied her target, she had dealt with men before younger men who wanted to do more than just train her.  Earth had become a living hell before she was kidnapped.  She knew if he was a biotic he would lead with that and so she prepared herself to dodge any such attack.  Then a simple kick to his balls and she would be fighting alongside Anima and Delta like she was promised.

“You sure you want this, I am not responsible for any broken bones you may have after this.”  Jane said mockingly.

Dalbir said nothing and only stood there waiting.

“Have it your way” Jane thought as she slowly advanced expecting a biotic attack.  “You are too cocky not to shoot that blue glowing shit around” she thought as she raised her fists in a defensive position.  Though never trained she had seen enough fights to know guarding her face was a good idea.  Tired of waiting for him to make the first move she charged relying on her speed as she had always done.  She swung her right fist at his face but came up with only air she then felt a hard blow to the back of her head.  It sent her forward she landed face down on the mat slightly dazed.  

“Do you yield?” Dalbir asked

Jane felt the anger rise inside her and quickly got to her feet “that was just luck old man” she said this time advancing slowly.  Again he made no attempt to attack her only standing in place with his hands at his side. This time Jane led with an odd attempt at a kick which was easily blocked and countered with a swift punch to her abdomen.  The air quickly left her body and she collapsed to the mat trying to regain her ability to breathe.  

“Do you yield?”  Dalbir asked again this time much closer to her.

Jane with all of her might grabbed the old bastard and tried to take him down to the mat, but she only held him for a second or two.  Spinning free Dalbir kicked Jane clear across the face sending spats of blood flying through the air with a wet slapping noise.  Jane hit the mate hard and slowly felt the world slip into darkness.


Slowly the world returned to Jane as her eyes fluttered open she was no longer in the gym she was in medical with the Doctor Rana Zaal looking at her with a data pad.

“How did I get here?”  Jane asked sitting up slowly.  She instinctually brought her right hand to her head and touched her right cheek which sent pain through her jaw and face.  She winced and pulled her hand away quickly.

“You broke your jaw, and were unconscious for the last twenty minutes.  Your trainer brought you in, the Medigel will heal the bone over the next twelve hours or so.”  Rana said walking over to her desk.  She returned to Jane and tossed her a bottle of pills “for the pain, try not to break something every day.”  She said with a laugh.

“Thanks, I’ll do that. Here I don’t need the pills, my jaw should be healed in about an hour.  I heal pretty fast.”  Jane tossed the pills back to Rana “Thank you.”  With that Jane walked out of the medbay and was greeted by Dalbir.

“Here to finish the job?” Jane asked taking a step back without realizing it.

“No, just to give you this.”  He threw a data pad at her. “I suggest you learn it before tomorrow, I’ll see you at 0600 hours don’t be late.”  With that he turned and left Jane.

“I’m going to regret this.”  Jane thought as she opened the only file on the data pad.  She read the words in her mind.  

“Recognizing that I volunteered as an Alliance Ranger, fully knowing the hazards of my chosen profession, I will always endeavor to uphold the prestige, honor, and high esprit de corps of the Rangers.

Acknowledging the fact that a Ranger is a more elite Soldier who arrives at the cutting edge of battle by land, sea, space or air, I accept the fact that as a Ranger the Alliance expects me to move further, faster and fight harder than any other Soldier.

Never shall I fail my comrades. I will always keep myself mentally alert, physically strong and morally straight and I will shoulder more than my share of the task whatever it may be, one-hundred-percent and then some.

Gallantly will I show all that I am a specially selected and well-trained.  My courtesy to superior officers, neatness of dress and care of equipment shall set the example for others to follow.

Energetically will I meet the enemies of the Alliance, I shall defeat them on the field of battle for I am better trained and will fight with all my might. Surrender is not a Ranger word. I will never leave a fallen comrade to fall into the hands of the enemy and under no circumstances will I ever embarrass the Alliance.

Readily will I display the intestinal fortitude required to fight on to the Ranger objective and complete the mission though I be the lone survivor.

Rangers lead the way!” After reading it she read it again, she didn’t want to know what would happen if she disappointed Dalbir again.  


Anima was furious when she heard that Jane had her jaw broken and intended to handle this so called trainer.  She found him in at his office with a file open a picture of Jane was on top of the paper.  “We need to have a chat!”  Anima said her anger was apparent.

“How can I help you LT?”  Dalbir asked looking up from the papers.

“Explain how in less than one hour Jane has a broken jaw?” Anima said nearly yelling it.

“Just lesson number one.”  Dalbir said his voice even and deep.

“You just break bones for fun?  She is 18 years old!”  Anima replied.

“For fun? No.  To prove a point? Yes.  Is there a reason you are here other than to question my teaching style?”  Dalbir said.

Anima was furious “Let’s see you try that shit with me!  We will see who leaves on a stretcher this time!”

Dalbir stood up from his desk “I don’t think so LT, you need to let Jane grow up.  It is her life not yours if she isn’t properly trained.”  Dalbir pointed to the stack of papers “I knew that she would heal if she was hurt, she isn’t a normal soldier just like you.  Worse she knows it, which makes her inclined to act first think later.  You had the luxury of a training program all before you knew of your ability to heal yourself.”  Dalbir said sitting back down.  “In other words with all due respect LT kindly fuck off.  You might be the XO of this ship and you do outrank me, but don’t confuse your mission with mine.  Petty Officer Shepard doesn’t need a big sister she needs a leader, don’t confuse the two.”  He finished.

Anima went to reply but stopped he was right and she knew it, Jane needed to learn to be a soldier.  Anima didn't have the time to train her the same thing happened with Sarha, and it cost her dearly.  The more Anima tried to protect her the farther she slipped away, it was time for Jane to grow up.  “Perhaps it is time I do the same.”  She thought to herself.  
“Point taken, but don’t think we won’t spar before you leave us.”  Anima said with a smile.

“Yes ma’am I look forward to it.”  Dalbir said then returned his attention to Jane’s file.

Anima turned and walked out of the room and saw Delta smiling and shaking his head at the other side of the gym.  Anima walked over to him knowing what he was going to say.

“I knew you would be here in short order once you heard.”  Delta said.

“Yeah, guess I’m predictable.”  Anima said with a smile.

“A little, walk with me.”  Delta said motioned to the hallway.  Anima followed and the two walked the long hallway which was mostly empty.  “I am sure he told you about why you can’t coddle her, so I won’t rehash it.  However you need to start leading, if something happens to me you are next in charge.”  Delta said stopping at the elevator the door slid open and the two got on.  

“I know.”  Anima said once the doors close.

“Perhaps I put too much on you too early in your career, but I can see a leader inside of you.  People follow you out of instinct, under fire you are excellent.  However people following you isn’t enough LT, you have their respect but you need their loyalty.  Once you have that people will move mountains for you.”  Delta said as the door opened to the War Room.

Anima said nothing but the words didn’t fall on deaf ears.  

“I have a mission for you, your father will be here shortly to brief you.”  Delta said as he pulled up a map of Krios.
Mass Effect: Infernus


It has been six months since the attack on the Citadel and life is still trudging along.  The Asari have taken over Citadel Security being one of the few races unaffected by the virus which has left many to question if they didn’t do this themselves.  Few Humans remain in space, however the Alliance now bolstered by adding Cerberus into its ranks was still driving the fight in the Sol System.  Fighting broke out when the Ledan poured into the Sol System shortly after the terrorist attack on the Citadel.  The goal remains to find a vaccine or cure for the plague now burning its way through the Quarians and Vorcha.  The Quarians have had to return to their suits for fear of infection and the Vorcha have all but been wiped out.

Chapter One
The More Things Change…


The Bastogne was now holding a maximum crew making simple tasks like walking to chow a little harder. Yet its Captain Delta was thankful to have the former N7 John Shepard and his team aboard it felt like a long time coming.  Being the Capitan of the SSV Bastogne everyone got out of his way but there was always someone not paying attention and Delta had to navigate around them each time saying something not quite audible.  Having finally reached the mess, he saw his XO sitting alone reading a data pad.  She had just returned a month ago, it would have been sooner but it took a lot of pushing for reinstatement and her old rank and position aboard the ship.  Even with a ton of favors called in the wheels of government still moved at a snail’s pace, yet after three months she was welcomed back to the Alliance and the crew.  Delta made his way through the chow line, he only wanted a cup of coffee but was handed a tray of food by the head cook anyway.  After he had his coffee and tray he made his way over to his reinstated XO.

“Can I sit LT?”  Delta asked holding his tray of what appeared to be breakfast but like all military assignments off planet the food wasn’t why anyone volunteered for space duty.  

“It’s still your ship sir.”  Anima said looking up from her data pad with a smile.

“Thank you.”  With that Delta set his tray of what would generously be called eggs and sat across from her.  “How are you settling in with your duties?”  He continued before taking a healthy sip of his black coffee.

“All is well thus far, Javik has taken over control of Omega and is watching over Sarha’s recovery.  As for my duties here it’s like I never left though Tali still reminds me whenever she can.”  Anima said.

“Well Jackson was ready to get back to the Citadel and help his partner Jordan so I couldn’t really keep him here against his will.  Though I am shocked he took the Basset Hound as much as he professed to hate the beast I think it grew on him.  Well I got a brief to get to, here eat something all I really wanted was coffee but the cook would have none of it.”  With that Delta smiled stood up and went about his business.  

Anima smiled and thanked Delta for the food, though she missed her personal chef on Omega something about space flight calmed her soul.  Without realizing she picked up the fork and took a bite of the eggs only to quickly spit them into a napkin.  Calming her soul was one thing but this food was another.  She washed the taste from her mouth with some coffee pushed the tray away and returned to her reading.


Anima liked sitting in the mess area it was loud and full of people and it reminded her of Omega and Afterlife.  Javik had just wrote her letting her know that everything was normal and that Sarha was in a treatment program and doing much better.  Anima felt guilty about it, she should have never been exposed to things like that and when she was Anima simply put her head in the sand not dealing with it.  “But what could I do?”  She thought to herself, and she knew the hard and cold answer almost at once.  The second Sarha snorted Red Sand there was nothing she could do.  Sure she could have handled it different but a junkie will always lie and Sarha was better at lying to Anima then anyone partly because Anima loved her.  She looked up and saw Delta making his way through the crowd toward the chow line, she smiled every time he would get upset about someone being in his way.  She wasn’t avoiding him like she was her father, she was still hurt by what he said to her at Afterlife.  Anima knew why he said it and she knew it needed to be said but that didn’t make it any less painful.

“Can I Sit LT?”  Delta asked standing over her.


Shepard had just finished his morning brief with the Cerberus team, it looked like the mission to Krios was back on and he needed to pick a team.  “Yeah that and convince Delta to risk his crew and ship on a Cerberus Op.”  He thought.  Cerberus was a part of the Alliance on paper and though the truce was holding neither side really trusted one another and Shepard knew it was for good reason.  Miranda had told him not to worry about the higher ups, but he wasn’t an idiot he knew Cerberus was still Cerberus after all just look at what they did to his daughter and Jane.  He was glad they were both safe and on the Bastogne, but if he had his choice Anima would be somewhere safe.  He noticed that Anima had taken Jane under her wing like a big sister would, and that made him proud. He knew Jane would be starting her military training on the ship, they would send her off but with the War raging there were no off world posts other than Eden Prime.  If she went there she would be assigned to some other command and Delta and Shepard would have none of that.  Sitting with his thoughts he had forgotten that he was actually a little hungry but his stomach reminded him so he decided to head to the Mess.


Joker looked out into the void of space having just got back to the bridge unlike EDI he still needed sleep and food.  Though he could now do all those things without pain he still needed to remind himself that his bones were no longer brittle.  

“EDI how is the drive trim?” He asked not looking over.

“It is fine, much like it was three minutes ago when you asked.  What is the problem Jeff?”  EDI responded.

“I am bored out of my mind!  All we do is pick things up and drop them off at the Citadel or Eden Prime.  Pick up, drop off, pick up, and drop off.  If I wanted to be a Postal Worker I wouldn’t have joined the Alliance.”  He said looking more annoyed than ever.  

“Jeff the Alliance doesn’t exist for your own personal amusement.”  EDI said.

“Yes EDI I know, but would it kill them to send us on an actual mission?  I finally got my war beard at a proper length and still nothing.”  Joker said with a smile.
EDI didn’t respond, and Jeff knew why “Damn AI” he thought.  “She has every argument, every conversation, every joke filed away somewhere.  She learned to read him and everyone in a matter of weeks if not days.  She knew when to respond and when to simply let it go.  “It was like dating a woman with perfect memory.”  He once told Shepard “Good thing she doesn’t suffer with hormones.”  Shepard had replied and two laughed at that, though he recalled that Liara didn’t find it as funny.  Anyway Joker wasn’t just bored he was worried, the longer they were out of the fight the longer those lizard bastards Terraformed Earth to their own likings.  Joker pushed the thought away and went back to his report.    


“Come on you son of a Varren!”  Echoed through the maintenance area as Tali worked on the drive core.  One of the maintenance shaft doors had become stuck and she was pulling on it with all of her strength.  Behind her were a few new maintenance crew members but she was calling the shots now.  Her scores put above even the most seasoned officers and Delta made the call to give her the heart of the ship.

“Do you need help ma’am?” one of the Privates asked

“No!  What I need is a week in port so I can work on this while it is powered down, but that isn’t going to happen is it?”  She said crawling into the now open maintenance shaft followed by and audible bang and more cursing only this time with much more colorful words.  

“Are you okay?”  The Private asked with a giant smile on his face.

“Wipe the smile off your face and I’ll be better!” She snapped and the Private quickly did so.

“How did she?” The Private whispered to the other who only shook her head.

Climbing out of the shaft Tail was now covered in oil and grease “Because you Bosh’tet there are cameras all over this ship and EDI was nice enough to let me access some.”  She said “Now if you would please clean up in there I need to speak to the Captain about the core.”  With that she headed to her quarters to clean up and then find Delta.


Seryna sat quietly looking over some Asari reports, also Liara was feeding her Intel under the table for reports about Anima.  More than once she told Liara to just call the girl and explain but Liara didn’t think it was a good idea.  Having Anima back was like having one of her daughters on board and she liked the feeling, she liked teaching her how to be an Asari and an officer.  She also liked that Delta was happier with her around he was hurt when she left though Seryna knew Delta would never admit it out loud he was a man after all and they were all full of foolish pride.  

“EDI?”  She said to the empty space.

“Yes Seryna how may I help you?”  EDI responded.

“Can you send this data packet to Liara T’Soni on Thessia?  Ensure it is encoded please.” She said hitting send on the data pad.

“Of course, it is sent.  Can I help with anything else?”  EDI asked.

“Yes, do you have the file on Jane Shepard’s trainer?” Seryna asked.

“Of course, what would you like to know?” EDI responded.

“Oh just send it to my Omni-tool I’ll look at it later, Thank you EDI.”  Seryna said.

“Of course.  Delta is in the Mess should you wish to join him.”  EDI said and with that she was gone.

Seryna never was an early eater and with the current cooks food that wasn’t going to change anytime soon.  Then a ping alerted Seryna that the files she requested was now on her Omni-tool, pressing a button the files were quickly downloaded to her data pad.  “Hmm that is interesting.”  


Jane laying in one of the many sleeping pods in the crew quarters slowly opens her eyes to the new reality that she was officially in the Alliance.  Having taken the oath the night before, and then celebrating way to hard with some of the crew.  Her head was pounding, her mouth felt dry and heavy, and her stomach sent up waves of nausea.  “Kill me now” she mumbled brushing her red hair out of her face then hitting the button that opened the pod.  Though they were small they did offer a very peaceful sleep.  Slowly Jane got out of the pod and hurried to her wall locker and put on her uniform.  She quickly brushed her hair and tied it back in a ponytail, her green eyes painful searched the room and thankfully she was the only one in there at the moment.  She needed a shower and something to drink but otherwise was no worse for wear.  “Well Petty Officer Shepard here we go.”  She said to herself as she closed the locker and left the room in search for that shower and drink.
Half way to the shower EDI interrupted Jane’s train of thought on her Comm. System.  “Jane you are requested to meet your trainer in the gym.”  EDI said startling Jane who spun around expecting to see the robot behind her.

“Oh, um, of course how do I get there again?”  Jane replied her face now red realizing the voice was in here ear.  “Damn I need to get used to this radio.”  She said to herself.

“I have marked it on your navigator.”  EDI responded and was gone.

“Right” Jane turned on her Omni-tool and fumbled through a few menus before finding the nav software.  A map of the ship popped up and Jane studied it intensely.

“Need some help?”  A male’s voice came from behind her.
Jane spun around half expecting not to see someone again, but there he was a young looking male Marine.  The first thing Jane noticed was his deep blue eyes and dirty blond hair which was cut short in a military style.  Next was the way he filled out his uniform which was very nice if she did say.  “I… um” She managed.

He chuckled “Nice to meet you, you are Jane right?” he said holding out his right hand.

Jane felt the blood rush to her face but she reached out and shook his hand.  “Yes, sorry I am still learning all of this.”  She finally could from words and that was a start she thought.

“My name is Hayden.”  He said “So where are you trying to go?”  He asked.

“The gym, but this ship is just so damn big.”  Jane replied.

“You won’t be saying that for long, come on I’ll show you.”  He said pointing.


Dalbir waited for his student, he knew little about her other than she was undisciplined and young.  It wasn’t the first time he trained someone so advanced in age but he didn’t like it.  To many bad habits he thought sharping his father’s sword.  Once done he looked at his work the blade was long and razor sharp, thicker then what Delta used or anyone these days for that matter.  He didn’t mind, some things must not be lost to the march of time.  “It was time Ik Onkar gave him his next vessel to fill with his knowledge.”  He said setting his blade down and taking a seat facing the door of the empty gym.  He didn’t have to wait long, a young female red head bust into the gym completely unaware “Bad habits” he thought watching her flirt with the boy with her.  

“Welcome, girl.  You are late, and I have no time for your friend at this time… Sir please leave us.”  He said.  His voice deep and full of purpose echoed in the empty gym.

“Oh… Um… I’m…”  Jane started but was cut off.

“I know who you are and why you are here… Now let us waste no more time on such things, there is much to learn and you have learned none of it!  Now by your father’s face tell the boy to leave and come over here!”  He snapped at her.

“Yes! Of course… I hope to see you…”  Again she was cut off,

“Bed him on your own time girl, this is my time now!”  He barked.

He watched her, she blushed he expected that.  However she glared at him that wasn’t expected and he grinned “Good you have fight in you” he thought before gesturing to the girl.  


Jane walked but she felt like her legs weren’t moving, she never felt like this and with a guy.  “What’s wrong with me?” She thought, but it didn’t matter she just enjoyed listing to his voice and his ass wasn’t bad to take a peek at every now and then either.  They made their way through the many corridors of the ship, finally they entered the gym and she still didn’t notice anything other than her guide.

“Welcome, girl.  You are late, and I have no time for your friend at this time… Sir please leave us.”  A voice echoed in the large room, snapping her from her other thoughts.
She spun and saw an older looking man maybe fifty or sixty years old, with dark black hair olive oil skin, and wearing a black Alliance uniform.  

“Oh… Um… I’m…”  She started but she was cut off.  The man was barking at her she knew this would happen.  She turned to her guide “Yes! Of course… I hope to see you…” but the old man again ruined the moment.

“Bed him on your own time girl, this is my time now!”  The man said to her.

That was IT!  How dare you!  She looked at him with anger but she could swear she saw him smile.  Shaking it off she told Hayden she would see him later.
Mass Effect Infernus: Chapter One
The more things change the more they stay the same.

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5f9d918de107a07ddc7d8cd5b56a3197-d5iavv7 by ME-DarkSky 
The scene fades in on Anima sitting with her newest employee on the couch as Shepard and Delta both enter the office.  “Can I help you?”  She asks her hand still holding the pistol that was hidden behind Jane’s back.  Anima didn’t want to have to use it but Jane was too important and she would be damned if the Alliance or Cerberus would get their claws on her.

“We need to see that shuttle that docked here a few days back, and anyone that was on board.”  Delta said looking at her with cold and calculating eyes.

“I wasn’t aware you had any say on my station Captain.  Cerberus as well can go pound salt for all I care.  I have tried to play nice with both of your organizations and I have been burned each time.  So forgive me if I just don’t toss you the keys to the Kingdom Delta.”  Anima said still not looking at her father for fear he would see through her act.

“Listen, this isn’t about you or me this is about someone breaking the Sol system’s quarantine!”  Delta countered quickly.

“Everyone on that shuttle was dead all three men, they likely programed it and fell ill.  It doesn’t matter I had the shuttle towed into the nearest star.  No one got off or on.  Anima said before singling Bray for another wine.  “Besides no one on Omega is sick as you can see.”  She finished.

“Anima I know you want to protect this place but if the plague gets off Earth…”  Shepard started but was cut off by Bray pushing past him to had Anima her drink.

“Sounds like a human problem, as you can see I am not human and my mother made that very clear.  As for Cerberus father you are lucky I love you or you and your crew would never step foot on this station again.”  Anima said before taking a sip of her wine.

“To my knowledge Cerberus has never interfered with Omega since Aria took it back twenty two years ago.”  Shepard said confused.

“Ask your new girlfriend Miranda about project Accession and get back to me on that statement.”  Anima said coldly.

“Accession?  Gillian Grayson?  What does she have to do with any of this?”  Delta asked inserting himself into the conservation.

“Oh it didn’t stop with her Delta.”  Anima said.

“Cerberus is willing to pay for your cooperation” Shepard said.

“No, they don’t have enough money.  I told you what happened and that is final.”  Anima said taking a sip of wine.

Before anyone could say anything EDI’s voice comes out of Delta’s Omni tool.  “Captain I did what you asked and it appears that a young female was removed from the shuttle by Anima Shepard and her crew. Sending an enhanced photo to your hard suit computer.”  EDI said.

“Care to revise your statement LT?”  Delta said with a smirk on his face.

“I should have known you would hack the security cameras.”  Anima said finishing the glass of wine.  “Jane would you mind handing me that data pad over there” Anima said pointing to a pad on the other chair.  As Jane stood up Anima raised her pistol pointing at Delta’s head standing up she is in his face in a flash before anyone knows what is happening.  “You just couldn’t leave it be could you Delta?  Now things get messy!”  Anima said pressing the gun hard against his forehead.

Delta instinctively reached for his side arm but stopped short “Calm down, no one is that important to you Anima.”  He said slowly raising his hands above his shoulders.

“You would be surprised at what I care about now.  Father please have a seat over there, I don’t think you would kill me but I am sure you would tackle me.”  Anima said.

Shepard does as he is told not wanting things to escalate any further.  “No one needs to get hurt here Anima.”  He said sitting down.

“Too late for that father, Cerberus hurt me and her a long time ago and you are working
for them.”  Anima said not taking her eyes off of Delta.  

“What are you talking about?”  Shepard asked.

“Remember that trip you and mom took when I was a toddler, the one I couldn’t go on because I was always sick?  Did you ever wonder why I went from having nearly no immune system to never getting sick?  I know mom wondered and I am sure she looked into it, but like everything with her it was just another secret to be filed away and used later.  Your pals at Cerberus injected me with Reaper nanites.”  Anima said motioning Delta to come further into the office.

“That can’t be… Liara would have told me…” Shepard said.

“Would she?  Come on Dad you know better, if mom can use something later she won’t share it with anyone.  Perhaps she didn’t want to believe her only daughter was a monster.  Anyway ask Cerberus when you get back to them, see if they deny it.  As for Jane she isn’t going anywhere with either of you!”  Anima said the anger in her voice rising.

“We need to make sure she isn’t sick or carrying the virus!”  Delta said.

“She isn’t! She has no symptoms.  I am not going to say it again.”  Anima said.
Jane stood up “Enough! I can speak for myself.” She said.

Anima took her eyes off of Delta to look at Jane and Delta quickly grabbed her wrist twisting the pistol from her hand knocking it to the floor.  A loud snap let out from within Anima’s wrist as he winced in pain grabbing her right hand with her left and pulling it close to her body.  “You’ll pay for that you son of a bitch!”  Anima screamed as her biotics flared green energy pulsed around her.  

Delta took a step back and pulled his side arm “Listen I didn’t mean to break it, I just wanted to…”  Before he could finish however Anima hit him with a biotic throw knocking him through the now closed door onto the dance floor.  He knocked down several dancers as he slid across the floor landing hard into a small bar, so hard that a few of the bottles crashed down smashing behind the bar.  A few customers screamed out and the club quickly emptied no one wanting to get caught in the cross fire.  

“You come to my home!  You threaten me? Call me a lair?!”  Anima screamed as she walked calmly through the broken door now scattered throughout the dance area.

Delta got to his feet quickly, he had spared with Anima but she was stronger now and he knew it.  His only chance was to end the fight quickly he knew she was pissed and decided to use that to his advantage.  “Well you did just have a pistol to my head sweetie.”  Delta said drawing out sweetie.  

Anima could feel the anger rising but she kept her cool “not this time you bastard” she thought as she continued to walk toward Delta now leaning on the bar pouring a drink.  
“Enjoying yourself?”  She asks as once again her biotics flared.  

“Play cool if you like, but the biotics don’t lie.”  Delta thought taking a long drink from his drink.  It stung his mouth he must have bitten his cheek during his trip across the floor.  He played it off as nothing was wrong but the reason he was leaning was at least two ribs were broken.  He held in the urge to cough or spit blood, he knew this was now a chess match and the one who moved first would lose.  

Anima held up her right hand and moved her fingers “Little fuckers work quick, wouldn’t you say?”  She said now stopped about twenty feet from Delta.

Delta smiled “I got a few of my own.”  He said, this wasn’t an outright lie he did have some thanks to the Omega implants he got over twenty years ago.  However they weren’t nearly on par as Reaper tech it would be a day before his ribs were completely healed.  Delta stood up despite his entire body protested against the action he put the pain in the back of his mind and focused on Anima.

“So here we are Captain, you always wondered who was stronger.  Shall we find out or do you just want to limp back to your ship and call it a loss?”  Anima said provoking him hoping to get him to make his move.

The two stared at one another for another moment but Anima being young and impulsive did exactly what Delta wanted she charged at him and he waited standing his ground.  A second later he hip threw her into the small bar and she slammed into the remaining bottle shattering them.  “You’re still are too impulsive, but I am sure you haven’t kept up with your training.” Delta said mockingly as he limped backwards.  Each step sent bolts of pain through his body but he again pushed it away.  

Anima coughed up some blood she had bitten her tongue on impact but her body was hard at work repairing it.  She slowly stood up “That was seven thousand credits in liquor you just tossed me into.”  She said hopping over the bar and landing on the dance floor.  Again she charged him her feet seemed to move faster then she could remember them ever moving, it felt like she wasn’t in control of them.  Delta again tried for a throw but this time she was ready and as if her body moved on its own relying on years of training she side stepped and delivered a blow to Delta’s temple.  Sending him sideways but he didn’t fall and she followed up with a kick to his stomach knocking to his knees.  

Delta now on his hands and knees coughing up blood trying to get his breath but it wouldn’t return.  The metallic taste filled his mouth and he spit out more blood onto the dance floor.  His mind danced between consciousness and unconsciousness, for a moment he was proud of her that was until she kicked him square across his jaw knocking him backwards.  That was when the lights finally went out.

Anima didn’t like what she just did but with Delta out of the picture it left just her father in the office someone she hoped would listen to reason.  Walking over to Delta and putting him on his side so he didn’t choke on his blood she whispered “I’m sorry” before turning her attention toward the office and her father now standing in the door way.

“I see a thug where my daughter once stood.”  Shepard said.
His words pieced her and hurt in ways no punch or kick could “I…” She tried.

“Save it Anima, you want to be the next Aria I can’t stop you.  However you won’t pull the name of Shepard down with you.  Now if you are done Ms. T’Soni I would like to discuss what we intend to do about this Cerberus situation.”  Shepard didn’t wait for a response he simply stepped back into the office and waited for Anima.  

She stood there frozen her feet felt like lead, she felt like a bus just hit her only it was much worse than that.  She had lost her father’s respect and she knew it, just then her legs gave out and she hit her knees.  

Sarha stumbled into Afterlife looking for her dealer “Where… where is everyone?” she slurred out before falling over a chair.  

She was beyond high and looking for another score, and Anima knew this was going on.  She had hoped it would fix itself not wanting to deal with it, and suddenly the last year and all the choices she had made came back to her in waves.  Flash back after flash back, faces of her friends of Grunt and little Tali all looked at her accusingly.  She didn’t notice Delta now standing behind her with a chair.  He wheeled it around striking her hard across the back of the head sending her face hard into the floor smashing her nose.  

“John, grab the girl and let’s go.  We can figure this out on the Bastogne, I’ll have your shuttle docked aboard.”  Delta said as Anima was now holding her face as blood poured around her hands.  Anima looked up at Delta tears running from her eyes and blood from her nose.  “Take a long look in the mirror, get your shit squared away, and when you are bloody ready I expect you back aboard the Bastogne… XO.”  With that Delta limped behind Shepard who had Jane in restraints leading her out of Afterlife.  

Anima watched them before hanging her head blood dripped onto the floor until it stopped and was replaced with tears as the scene fades to black.

The End.


Prime Minster Kelly is sitting in his new office on Eden Prime reading a report about the plague on Earth and its victims.  The report followed the first known case, the index case of what was now called HHFV-1 or Human Hemorrhagic Filovirus One.  Though filoviruses were nothing new to humans Ebloa and Marburg were both filoviruses they didn’t kill in the speed that the HHFV-1 virus did.  Ebloa was the quickest of earthborn viruses with a twenty one day incubation period before the patient would either get better or crash and bleed out.  The report was full of scientific facts that Kelly didn’t fully grasp, truth be told he hardly understood any of it however he read on.

HHFV-1 has been identified in patient zero shortly after the virus was found.  Patient Zero now to be call Jim was the first to receive the vaccine now known to cause HHFV-1.  Jim’s exposure T + 1 day, the T noted time as was pointed out to the Prime Minster on the side of the report.  Mother of patient recalls Jim did not feel well so she kept him home from school, she figured he had a reaction to the vaccine and didn’t worry about it.  T + 2, Mother told me that Jim began to run fever at first 101 degrees Fahrenheit or 38 degrees Celsius, again mother was not concerned.  At this point in the interview mother of patient begins to show symptoms to HHFV-1 and was placed in quarantine.  
Mother of patient recalled that by T + 5 her son began to have purple and bluish spots break out over his body it was then she took the child to a health care provider.  Below is the notes retrieved from a Doctor Kimberly Reed.  

1800 hours Monday: Patient presents with low grade fever 38 degrees Celsius, nickel to half dollar sized bruising throughout body surface with no signs of trauma.  Ordered a cancer panel and a full body scan Stat to rule out Leukemia and other clotting disorders.

0730 Hours Tuesday:  I arrived for rounds and child’s fever has increased to 40 degrees Celsius despite any action taken by staff.  Blood has also begun to collect in the third space of the body suggesting a clotting disorder but was not found with tests.  Called Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta they requested blood samples they will let us know.

0935 Hours Tuesday:  Patient has begun to show loss of memory and motor function, it seems all personality has been removed from the child who has no facial expressions.  Fever remains high despite best efforts but has not increased.  Stomach is tender and rigid which suggests bleeding into the abdominal cavity.  I have called for a surgical consult and mother of patient is now complaining of headaches (likely stress).

1122 Hours Tuesday:  Surgery showed gross bleeding around the spleen and liver with the liver showing signs of cirrhosis had I not known better the liver looked like that of a seventy year old alcoholic.  Patient begin to bleed uncontrollably so the call was made to close him up and monitor.  

1500: Hours Tuesday:  Patient crashed and was placed on a ventilator to assist in breathing, all scans point to brain death from a massive stroke.  Cannot rule out surgical mistake at this time but it seems unlikely.

Time of Death 1700 Hours Tuesday.

What follows is the autopsy of Jim:


On Tuesday at 1700 hours, Doctor Kimberly Reed attending called time of death at New York Municipal Hospital Intensive Care Unit (ICU).  The patient a 12 year old well developed well-nourished male presented to the hospital approximately twenty two hours before death.  No known cause of illness was discovered by hospital staff.

Body Examination:

The decedent is a 12 year old white child with short blond hair, blue eyes, and has all of his natural teeth.  No scars or tattoos noted.  Decedent has large bruising throughout body with some third space bleeding noted.  Decedent also has midline surgical incision with unclotted blood around the site.  Decedent also has blood in mouth, nose, around eyes, ears, penis, and rectum suggesting a clotting disorder.  Upon opening decedent up large amounts of blood is seen in the abdominal cavity and intestines.  However cause of death appears to be multi organ system failure.  Signs indicate viral infection, halted the autopsy pending instruction from CDC.  Nothing follows.

Next of Kin Notified of results.

Cause of death idiopathic organ failure.

Mother of patient, doctor who treated patient and the doctor who performed the autopsy all contracted HHFV-1 within seven to ten days post exposure and where all dead within three days after first symptoms appeared.  HHFV-1 is an airborne, waterborne, and blood borne pathogen with a mortality rate of ninety eight percent.  To date all vaccine efforts have failed to produce a viable vaccine and no know treatment exists………Nothing Follows……….

Kelly sat back in his chair, “my god if this ever got out past the Sol System all of human kind could be at risk.” He said to himself placing the data pad in his lap and rubbing his eyes.  

Aboard the Citadel a young Quarian in a full black suit with his mask on is walking though the lower ward shopping area which is packed as always.  This ward was primarily human but some other races had mixed in.  In his hand is a small tube with a clear liquid in it, he is now standing in the middle of the market yet no one pays any attention to him.  Slowly he uncaps the tube and pours the clear substance into one of the vents that circulates the air in the lower ward.  Recapping the now empty tube he disappears into the masses as the scene cuts to black.

Mass Effect: Infernus  
(Coming Soon)
Mass Effect: Rise Act III Update 12
The conclusion of Mass Effect Rise. 

*Please do not redistribute, claim, copy or edit my art. I retain all copyrights. If you want to share this artwork, please use the SHARE buttons to the right. My art is not to be used for tubes, sig tags, web pages, or otherwise altered and is not to be published elsewhere unless given written permission by me. Using and/or publishing my art without my permission is art theft.*

*BioWare and EA own all rights to Mass Effect and it's universe, the story and original characters are owned by me.

5f9d918de107a07ddc7d8cd5b56a3197-d5iavv7 by ME-DarkSky 
The scene fades in on the Alliance headquarters on Eden Prime, it is still a make shift building set up after the retreat from the Sol system.  A tall man in his mid to late sixties is sitting at a round table and he is surrounded by his top advisers.  The table is covered with charts, papers, and diagrams and in middle of the table a galaxy map showing the Sol system.  “What is the current situation on Earth?”  He barks to the others.

“Admiral our estimates show the population on Earth should be less than twenty million, with the exception of our scout ships we no longer have any human presence in the Sol system at this time.” One adviser points out.  

“How soon can we be ready?”  The Admiral asks.

“Three days once Prime Minister Kelly gives the order sir.” An aid replied quickly.

“I’m finished with the foreplay it is time to move forward, it is time we take the fight to them for a change.”  The Admiral replied before standing up from the table.  The advisers quickly join him and stand up.  “Now I have to brief the Prime Minister, make sure all orders are ready to send once we get the go.” With that the Admiral leaves the room.

Meanwhile aboard the Bastogne Delta is sitting in his cabin looking at a vid of the speech he was at.  The news reporter an Asari explaining that the humans have finally turned the corner and joined the galactic community.  A few days have passed but it felt like much longer, in fact it felt like years to Delta.  Their new mission now that they didn’t need to babysit any longer was to ensure nothing entered or left the Sol system.  Still not want Delta or the crew wanted to be doing but Delta had a hunch something big was on the horizon.  Delta stands up and turns off the vid screen and walks over to his bed and removes his shirt to get ready for bed but stops when there is a knock on the door.  “Come in.” He says slipping the gray Alliance t-shirt back on.

Standing in the door was Samantha Traynor his communication specialist though her rank was much higher now than it was when she served under Commander Shepard. “Captain I have something you should see.”  She said entering the room handing Delta a data pad.

“What is so important that it couldn’t wait until morning?”  Delta says dismissively.  

“A small ship made it out of the quarantine zone in the Sol System three days ago.”  Sam told him quickly.

“What!? Why am I hearing about this now?”  Delta said taking the data pad and looking it over.

“Well it seems the Alliance scout ships dropped the ball.  Alliance intel didn’t catch it until the ship docked on Omega.”  Samantha said.

“Omega, of course Omega.  The one place that we have zero chance of enforcing anything.  Fine tell Joker and EDI to get us to Omega, it’s time we paid my old XO a visit.”  Delta said handing the data pad back to Samantha.

“Yes sir.”  Sam said.

“Samantha you don’t have to call me sir, you out rank me for Christ sake.”  Delta said taking off his shirt and tossing it on a nearby chair.

“My rank doesn’t supersede your authority Captain, but I’ll try not to be so formal.”  Samantha said.  “Also Seryna told me to let you know she will be right up and you better not be asleep when she gets here.”  She continued with a smile.

“Thanks for the heads up Sam, could you have someone wake me when we are an hour out of Omega?”  Delta said sitting down on his bed.

Samantha nodded and smiled before leaving the cabin.

On a Cerberus ship in a undisclosed location Shepard is looking out of a view portal at the vastness that is Space when Miranda walked up to him.  “It seems we might have a problem.”  She told him handing over a data pad.

“What is it now, it is bad enough our mission got scrubbed by the Alliance.”  Shepard said taking the data pad from Miranda.

“It seems a ship made it out of the quarantine zone of the Sol system.”  She told him.

“So the Alliance drops the ball again, and what they want us to handle it?”  Shepard asked looking over the information that Miranda gave him.

“This comes from the top, we are to secure whatever was in that shuttle.  Our research and development teams want to take a look.”  Miranda said.

“Why?”  Shepard asked not looking up from the data pad.

“Above our pay grade.  Remember you aren’t the big powerful Admiral anymore.”  Miranda reminded him.

Shepard frowned before handing back the data pad.  “I am reminded of something General Robert E. Lee said once.  ‘To be a good soldier, you must love the army. To be a good commander, you must be willing to order the death of the thing you love.’  I don’t like taking blind missions, but I suppose we have no choice.”  With that Shepard handed the data pad back to Miranda “Take us to Omega, Anima will be happy to see us again so soon I am sure.”  

Miranda smiles and nods taking the data pad then leaves the room as Shepard turns his attention once again to the vastness of space.

At Afterlife Anima is sipping on a glass of Thessian Wine and watching the dancer on the main stage “She is quite flexible don’t you think Jane?”  She said turning her attention to Jane who is sitting embarrassed on the couch trying not to look.  

“Yes she certainly is.”  Jane said begrudgingly knowing Anima wouldn’t drop it otherwise. “Why did I have to meet you here?”  She asked.

“Well if I am going to pay for your food, apartment, and your protection around here we should get you a job.”  Anima said taking another sip from her glass.

“I’m not stripping.”  Jane said standing up.

“I’m not talking about stripping, I am talking about taking advantage your other qualities.”  Anima said.

“Such as?”  Jane said while sitting back down.

“You managed to kill three armed men with nothing but a knife, I think you have more to offer me then shaking your ass in front of drunks.”  Anima said smiling.

“I got lucky.”  Jane said.

“Speaking of luck how is it you didn’t get sick?  You were likely in school when the virus was given to students.”  

“I did a little, but like usual I got better.” Jane said still doing her best to avoid looking at the dance stage.

“You never got sick in your entire life?”  Anima asked.

“Listen I am all for sharing and I am grateful for everything you have done, but can we move this to a different location where I don’t have to see tonight’s entertainment?” Jane responded still looking at the floor.

“Oh for fuck sake!  Bray! Close the blinds.”  Moments later the widows in Anima’s office darkened blocking out the view of the club.  “Happy?  Now think hard have you never been sick?”  Anima said taking another sip from her glass of wine.  

“Thank you, I would always start to get sick but then I would get better.  I just thought I was lucky.”  Jane said finally looking up from the floor.

“Your parents didn’t find that odd?”  Anima asked even more intrigued, what Jane was telling her mirrored her own childhood.  “Was it possible Cerberus messed with another child?” She thought to herself.

“I didn’t know them, my Aunt Sasha raised me.  My parents died when I was an infant.”  Jane responded.

“Your aunt’s last name isn’t Winters is it?”  Anima asked feeling her stomach clinch.

“How did you know?”  Jane responded with a confused look on her face.

“Son of a bitch, what brought you here?!”  Anima said standing up and backing away for Jane.

“I don’t know what you are talking about?” Jane said with a confused look on her face.  
“I told you how I got here.”  She continued.

“What send my father first then when I said no move to part two?”  Anima asked again still standing. She didn’t think the girl could take her in a fight but if they were the same, well it would be a hell of a battle.

“Anima I seriously don’t know what you are talking about, my aunt raised me until she died two years ago.  Then I was put into a foster home until… well everyone on Earth started bleeding from their eyes.  I don’t even know what Cerberus is unless you are talking about the Greek dog thing.”  Jane said.

“Fine, but this doesn’t add up.”  Anima said sitting back down and greedily finishing her glass of wine.  She push a button on her Omni tool “Bray I need you in here, bring me another drink as well please.”  Bray responded with a “yes Anima” and Anima sat back a little.  Moments later Bray entered the office and handed Anima her glass of wine.  “Bray is that scientist we tracked down after my Javik encounter in the club?”  She asked taking another rather large sip of her drink.

“Yes, she is in her usual booth with Kiria, her favorite dancer.  I think she has a thing for her.”  Bray said picking up the empty wine glass.

“I don’t need the high school Intel, ask her to join us please.”  Anima says and Bray nods and leaves.

“I’m going to tell you something that you won’t believe, but trust me the proof is a mind trip you don’t want to take.”  Anima said to Jane.

“I don’t understand.”  Jane said still confused.

“Me either kid, the odds of you finding your way here… I might rethink my belief in the Goddess.”  Anima said still shocked.

Just then a woman dressed in a black form fitting gown entered the office. “Ms. Shepard I am at work all day what is so important that you interrupt my evening?”  She said before sitting across from Anima.

“Doctor spare me your rant, tonight is not the time.  When you were part of the Ascension Project how many candidates where there.”  Anima asked knowing the answer already.

“I told you already four, the first was Paul Grayson the last was your father.”  The doctor said still mad she wasn’t with her friend.

“Yes I know, I am curious about the third one.”  Anima said looking a Jane.

“Subject three…let’s see.  Oh yes subject three was a human female infant approximately two years after you showed progress.  We wanted to see if…”  Anima cut her short.

“What was the subject’s outcome?”  Anima asked.

“Unknown, Agent Winters was given control of the subject in order to raise her.  Per the study parameters Cerberus was not to know where the child was to be raised.  This was in case the organization fell again.  Those were touch and go times I remind you, the odd thing was about two years ago agent Winters stopped reporting in, we assumed she had gone to ground to protect herself and the project.”  The doctor said sitting back.

“Did you say Winters?”  Jane asked.

“Who are you?” The doctor said.

“Doctor, please meet subject three.”  Anima said.

Both Jane and the doctor stared blankly at one another.  Anima decided to break the silence.  “What exactly can Jane expect doctor?” She said and the two turned their attention to her.

“I…um… this is quite remarkable.”  The doctor said walking over to the girl.  “The last time I saw you…”  Again Anima interrupts her.

“Yes, yes she was this big.  Now please tell us about her.”  Anima said her impatience was getting the best of her.

“Yes, sorry, of course.  Subject… sorry Jane, was a non-biotic infant female that was injected with the nanites two years after you thus making her eighteen years of age now.” The doctor said.

“But I am sixteen.”  Jane said.

“No dear you aren’t, thanks to the nanites you age slower than other human children, however now that you have reached adulthood it will be less noticeable.  Agent Winters was informed to raise you roughly two to three years back.  Your ability to learn is the same but because your body can heal itself you will live longer than any other human.  Our best projections were between two hundred to five hundred years.  As I was saying you don’t have any biotic ability like Anima here, but you are as fast, strong, and can heal nearly instantly like her.”  The doctor said.

“I am a mutant?”  Jane said her face starting to go white.

“No not at all, you are human in every way other then what I listed.  So long as you stay away from inactive Reaper metal or material.  Otherwise you may experience the same side effects as Anima did.”  The doctor answered standing up.  “Now I imagine you two have a lot to talk about so I shall leave you to it, if you need anything else let me know.”  The doctor looks at Anima who nods and she leaves the office.  

“I know it is a lot to take in, but you didn’t want to find out via Javik.  Some memories are best left forgotten.”  Anima said.  

“I don’t know how to absorb all of this.”  Jane said.

“Well I got drunk and laid, but I don’t think that is your style.  Good news is you now know, bad news so does the doctor so she will have to be dealt with.  Cerberus doesn’t need to know about you just yet.”  With that Anima summoned Bray in with her Omni tool and he came in right away.

“What can I do for you?  Bray asked.

“You said the good doctor has taken a liking to our young Kiria?”  Anima asked.

“Yes, Kiria has milked her for over ten thousand credits already.”  Bray responded.

“Damn!  I’ll have to pay her to do it then.  Okay fine, tell Kiria discreetly to give the doctor the full package.  I’ll give her fifty thousand credits once she is done.”  Anima said taking a sip of wine.

“Understood.”  Bray said leaving the office.  

“Is she going to kill her?”  Jane asked.

“Yes, does that bother you?”  Anima asked.

“No! Anyone who experiments on babies deserves to die!”  Jane responded her face turning red with anger.

“See there is the fight I was talking about.”  Anima pointed out. “Okay I am going home, we can discuss this…” Before Anima could finish her Omni tool pinged.  Looking angry Anima pushed the button and a voice came through her earpiece.

“Sorry to disturb you but we have a Cerberus shuttle with your father on it and an Alliance shuttle with Delta on it both requesting to dock.”  The male voice informed her.

“Damn it, let them dock and tell them to come straight to my office.”  Anima said and turned off the Omni tool.  “Looks like we got a few more things to take care of before bed time.”  Anima said taking another drink then pulling a pistol from her desk setting it on the couch next to her.  “Come sit over here Jane.”  Anima said.

Jane did as she was instructed sitting next to Anima who hid the pistol behind her making it look like her arm was around Jane.  Moments later Delta and John Shepard entered her office as the scene fades to black.
Mass Effect: Rise Act III Update 11
The Alliance takes steps to retake the Sol System, Delta and Shepard are drawn back to Omega, and Anima and Jane learn about her past.

*Please do not redistribute, claim, copy or edit my art. I retain all copyrights. If you want to share this artwork, please use the SHARE buttons to the right. My art is not to be used for tubes, sig tags, web pages, or otherwise altered and is not to be published elsewhere unless given written permission by me. Using and/or publishing my art without my permission is art theft.*

*BioWare and EA own all rights to Mass Effect and it's universe, the story and original characters are owned by me.*

 5f9d918de107a07ddc7d8cd5b56a3197-d5iavv7 by ME-DarkSky 

Half way there

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 10, 2014, 10:38 AM
Hard to believe when the next update hits in the next few days I will be half way done with Mass Effect: Rise.  It has taken a little longer then I like but sometimes life gets in the way.  I want to thank all my watchers and fans for reading my work.  There are still two more books in the plans in order to bring Anima Shepard's story to a close, I look forward to bring them to you.

Journal design by Simmemann


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