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Chapter 6


Jane sat on her sleeping pod looking at her lunch now laying in a puddle on the floor as the data pad lay sparking in the corner of the room.  Tears stung her eyes but she fought them back, she had seen death before but had never seen someone take their own life.  “How much pain was he in if that seemed like a good idea?”  The thought repeated itself over and over in her mind, finally she stood up grabbed a towel and cleaned up the mess she had made.  Once that was done she went over grabbed the data pad and tossed it into the garbage.  She checked her watch and saw she still had five hours before her next training session with sir sunshine.  She wondered if Hayden was off duty, but she knew he wasn’t so she decided to get some gym time in before her next training session.  Besides it would help her get that damn vid out of her mind and that was all she really wanted to do.  


Shepard’s dreams had become more and more insane and this current one was no different, as he lay sleeping on his bed covered in a coat of sweat that caused his bare chest and face to glisten under the small red light that stayed lit when the lights were turned off for sleep.  His head turning from side to side every once in a while.

“You died” a child’s voice said in his head.

“You didn’t” another child answered a back.

Shepard was falling down a deep black void the voices repeating over and over.  “What is happening?”  He screamed out to no one.

“Death” answered one child.

“Life” answered the other.

“Who are you?”  He yelled out, but no response.  Suddenly he could see the ground rushing up to meet him and he braced.  He landed are his teeth snapped together and blood filled his mouth as one tooth snapped from in impact.  Pain made him put his hand to his mouth his fingers came away red.  His lower was split and two front teeth were now snapped at the gum line throbbing and bleeding.  Shepard spat and red spit hit the white floor with a splat.  He was in a hallway now, hospital from the looks of it, and he could hear a faint sobbing sound at the end.  The tiles of the floor where a polished white and the walls the same, doors lined each side their green color caused the eye to seek them out.  Each door had a name on it but Shepard couldn’t read them his translator must have been damaged.  His mouth filled with the salty taste of blood and he spat again this time less blood came out.  Slowly Shepard walked toward the sound of crying at the end of the long hall.  Looking at each door, “KILL” the word boomed in his head when he looked at the door to his left.  Flashing images of dead and dying filled his thoughts his head pounded with them.  Dismembered and dying soldiers, civilians, friends and my God family.  He closed his eyes and the images stopped.  He opened his eyes and “KILL” boomed again the images flooded back until he looked away.

“What the hell is this?” He said out loud to himself.

“Pain” answered the child.

“Pleasure” answered the other.

Shepard walked forward looking at the floor, but the green doors pulled at his eyes they willed him to look they wanted his gaze and he looked at another this one on the left.  “FEAR” was the word this time and instead of images this time his heart leapt into his throat and started to race.  Screams all around him from a million voices “WHY?”  They asked, they begged and he had no answer for them.  Willing himself he looked back at the ground and the voices stopped.

“Victims” one voice said unprovoked this time.

“Prey” said the other only now it didn’t sound like a child at all and it sent chills down Shepard’s spine.

“SHUT UP!” Shepard screamed his voice echoing down the long hallway but all he heard again was the sobbing. “I won’t look at any more he told himself” and began walking again.  He made it past four doors wondering each time he didn’t look at them what they would have shown him and it tore at him each time he didn’t look up.  Finally, he had to look something wanted him to see these and his will was pushed too far now.  Looking at the last door on the right hand side nothing happened.  No word no horror show, if only that were true he knew it wasn’t in his heart as sweat fell down his brow stinging his eyes.  

“SEE” the child’s voice said.

“See what?” Shepard responded.

“SEE HIM!” the evil voice said “SEE HIM! SEE HIM! SEE HIM! SEE HIM! SEE HIM! SEE HIM! SEE HIM! SEE HIM! SEE HIM!” It repeated over and over.

Shepard covered his ears but it was no use this voice was inside his head, he shut his eyes but voice got louder.

“SEE HIM! SEE HIM! SEE HIM…” it continued

Not thinking Shepard pushed his shoulder into the door and it gave way easily and he was falling landing hard on the ground.  The voice stopped and Shepard scrambled to his feet and wiped the sweat from his face.  The room was dark except one small bed and a light over it, the light flickered off and on but Shepard could see the bed clear enough.  He walked toward it and the sobbing began again louder than before.  As he got closer he could see it was a hospital bed and it had a body on it under a white sheet.  The sheet had been pulled over the person’s head and the sobbing grew louder.  

“Am I going crazy?”  He said out loud.

“Crazy” the child agreed

“Mad, insane, nutty, loony, lunatic” It liked that one “LUNATIC, LUNATIC, LUNATIC, LUNATIC, LUNATIC, LUNATIC!  Oh yes, batty, demented, one card short!”  The other voice said now sounding high pitch and shrill.

“Finally agreeing?” Shepard said, but there was no reply this time.

The sobbing started again and Shepard thought he knew who was under the sheet.  “Just turn around, you don’t need to see it.”  He said to himself but he knew that was wrong, he had to see it and with an arm that felt too long, too stretchy he grabbed the sheet and pulled it back.  Looking back at him with dead eyes was his own face only the eyes were red and scars were on his face they were glowing red as well.  

“You died.”  The child said.

“Ah, but you live!”  The other voice said with a laugh.  

In a flash hand clasped around Shepard’s neck and the dead body pulled him down closer.  Shepard fought but it was no good fighting for air and purchase he slammed his fist into the bodies face but it did nothing.  

“Obey!” The dead Shepard said.

Shepard could feel his world slipping, turning gray and in a moment black.  His heart pounded in his chest his ears were ringing.  With all of his remaining strength he put all of his weight into the hospital bed and for a second he thought it would hold and the life would be choked from him.  Then with a sudden lurch it gave and soon the two men where tumbling to the cold floor below.  In a moment the grip was lost and Shepard rolled to his left to get away gasping as he did trying to regain his breath.  Adrenalin was now pumping through his body and he tasted metal in his mouth.  The world slowed and he regain his feet instinctually bringing his hands up to defend against next attack but none would come.  He saw that the other man was no longer there, he spun around expecting to see him and for a moment he thought he had but that was only his imagination.  The room was empty and silent except for the beating of his heart in his chest.  Shepard turned looked at the bed one more time to make sure there was still nothing there.  Turning back toward the door cold hands grabbed him again and Shepard snapped awake in his cabin the sheet from his bed wrapped around his neck.


Anima sat at the mess hall table sipping coffee she hadn’t slept much since seeing her mother, who basically told her all her worse fears were true.  Not only that but she wanted her to rescue he little sister.  As if that was even possible at this point, Anima was not a Captain any longer and just flying off to the Cerberus facility wasn’t an option.  She would have to go through her father and hope that Cerberus didn’t change him.  She still thought of him as her father it was hard not to though he was much younger now closer to hear age but still older then she was.  She guessed Miranda had liked this age when she cloned him.  Miranda was always around him and Anima wasn’t sure how to get the two apart but she had the beginnings of a plan though it would need a lot of things to go right for it to work.  She didn’t like leaving things to chance but what choice did she have at this point.  In a few days they would be going after the original virus or cure or both and this may be her only chance.


Xen sat at her desk overlooking the data from the latest tests the light reflecting off her mask which she always wore now.  Human children were filthy beasts and she wouldn’t breath the same air as them.  All but two have been purged the girl being the only viable choice but the boy seemed to calm her down when she got out of control so Xen had relented and allowed him to stay.  They had names but Xen didn’t care she only cared for data, for the discovery, and of course the weapon that little bitch would become.  Xen turned off her Vid Screen and stood up, she walked over to the door paused for a moment then opened it.  Laying on the bed inside was her new toy a blonde haired young human lay sleeping his naked body was splendid to look at.  “So young, you have all the exuberance of youth but you certainly lack stamina.”  Xen thought as she picked up the man’s pants and tossed them into his face waking him up.

“Waaa what… oh, ready for another go?”  the man said as he wiped the sleep from his blue green eyes.

“No, you can go back to your own sleeping area I won’t be needing your… skills any longer.”  Xen replied walking back out and sitting down at her desk again.  She had a busy day and the sooner this pet leaves the sooner she could get started.  She was excited to see just how far the girl had progressed.

“Oh, okay.”  The man said getting dressed “Maybe I’ll see you later?”  He asked knowing the answer when Xen was done with you she was done.

“I doubt it, but you never know.”  Xen said coldly.

The man took the hint pulled a shirt on and decided to put his shoes on in the hall, he quickly hurried outside almost slamming the door as he left.

Xen let out a small laugh and turned on her Omni Tool.  “Tell me the Merc is here.”  She said

“Yes ma’am, he got here an hour ago… He is um…”  The female voice replied.

“He is what?”  Xen snapped.

“Drunk ma’am.”  The voice replied.

“No matter, as long as he can walk and talk.  I am on my way, wake the girl and have the boy standing by.”  Xen said turning off the Omni Tool.  

Xen stood up and left her room, laughing again as she saw the young man still dressing outside her door.  Shaking her head, she made her way to the end of the short hall to the elevator.  Once inside she pressed the button that said lab zero and waited, a few moments later the door opened revealing a bright white laboratory full of lab equipment and staff members wearing scrubs.  

“Report” Xen said as she exited the elevator.

The staff knew the drill and Xen’s assistant rushed over to her.  She was a young woman in her late twenties.  Her brown hair pulled back into a tight bun her bright knowing brown eyes completed her face.  Xen noticed more than a few of the men have taken to her, but unless they turned blue and female they were barking up the wrong tree.  Xen happened to know that Amanda was infatuated with the Asari, however she didn’t know if Amanda had acted on those feelings with any of the Asari staff.  Xen decided she didn’t really care as long as she did her job which she did well enough.

“Jen is ready in the testing area.”  Amanda said handing Xen her data pad.

“Jen?  We naming our pet now?”  Xen asked looking over the pad.

“She seems to like it and it is shorter the Genetic enhancement number 5.”  Amanda said.

“Right… well Jen it is then.  Where is the Merc?”  Xen asked still looking over the data.

“He is sitting over there; I gave him some coffee.”  Amanda pointed to the Merc sitting across the room.  He was a bald human man wearing what looked like blue sun armor a pistol and combat knife at his hips.  

Xen walked over to the middle aged man.  “I trust you are as good as your bio said.”  Xen said as she got closer to the man.

The Merc looked up to reveal one light blue eye, the other eye was missing a dark hole was all that was left where the matching eye once sat.  “I hope you can bloody well pay the amount the contract says” The man said hoarsely.  “Don’t get to thinking you can pay me in lab equipment, though we can work out a payment plan if you want to offer up your sweet arse.”  He said laughing deeply.

Xen decided she didn’t like this man but since when did that stand in the way of discovery.  
“You’ll get all you were promised and more I am sure.”  Xen replied.  “I hope you can still shoot with one eye.”  Xen said pointing toward his pistol.  

“Ha, I can.”  With that he drew is side arm quickly aimed and shoot hitting a scientist in the skull.  A red mist exploded as he slumped to the floor.  “There you have it, now I know you are thinking why not get one of those implants.  Well I am not paying for something I don’t need besides the whores never care about my missing eye only the credits in my account.”  He laughed again and put his side arm away.

“Shame to waste him on this.” Xen thought she could use a man like this she knew.  “Did you come alone mister…?” Xen said.

“Mister?  Ha that is rich, do I look like a mister to you girl?  You can call me Bear, and no I didn’t my pilot is over there.”  He said pointing toward a young man sleeping on the floor in the corner.  

“Very well Bear, I need your pilot to take your place I have other plans for you.” Xen said.

“I still get paid?”  Bear asked.

“Of course, though your pilot might not live through the test.”  Xen said.

“What do I care?  You want me to stay I don’t need him anymore do I?”  With that Bear grabbed his empty cup and threw it at the young man striking him in the head waking him up.  “Oy Boy, get your lazy arse over here this sexy thing has a bloody job for you.”  Bear said laughing.  “If I am not fighting I require a drink, wine will do.”  He said.

“Fine, Amanda get our new friend here some Asari wine.”  Xen said and Amanda did as she was told.  

The young man walked up to Xen and Bear. “What do you need?”  He asked.

“Can you fire a gun?”  Xen asked.

“Yes, I was Alliance until… well yes.”  The pilot said.

“Until?”  Xen asked.

“He got caught with is prick inside of some Admirals wife.”  Bear exclaimed laughing as the young man turned red.  

“I see, all you have to do is take this rifle and go inside that room there.  Your goal is to last five minutes.  Do that and you’ll earn yourself a hundred thousand credits.”  Xen said handing him a Cerberus issued assault rifle.

“That’s it?”  The man asked.

“Yes, now take this and go through those doors.”  Xen said pointing to a set of doors at the far end of the room.  

The man nodded and walked over to the doors and went in.  Xen walked over to a large screen that showed fighting arena.  It was filled with crates for cover otherwise it was empty.  “There is only one target eliminate it or survive five minutes and you will have all the credits you need.”  Xen said into a microphone.


Jen was dressed in a pair of scrubs but nothing else her blonde hair was starting to grow back from when they shaved her head.  She couldn’t remember why Aunty Xen did that but she didn’t mind she loved her Aunt Xen and all of her new friends at the base.  Sometimes they let her play with James in the playroom and that is the most fun, other times she has to go to school.  She didn’t like school very much, today they said she needed to stop a bad man who wanted to hurt James and her.  She asked why Xen couldn’t stop him and they said she tried.  So Jen walked into a room full of crates and saw a man standing at the other end with a gun.  

“Leave me alone!  You can’t hurt James!”  She yelled to him.

The man looked up startled and confused, he then raised the rifle and pointed at her.  Jen darted behind a create just in time before the bullets passed by slamming into the wall small metal fragments landed in Jen’s blonde hair.  “GO AWAY!” She screamed but the man didn’t answer.  


He didn’t want to be here but one hundred thousand credits was a lot of money.  He looked at the rifle it felt heavy in his hands suddenly he heard a girl’s voice.

“Leave me alone!  You can’t hurt James!” The girl yelled.  

He looked up “my god she can’t be any older than ten!”  He said to himself, but he raised the rifle pointed and fired.  “Got her!” he thought but he didn’t see the body or any blood.

“GO AWAY!” She screamed

“Fuck!” he said out loud.

“That’s a naughty word!  You shouldn’t say naughty words!  Go away I won’t let you hurt James.”  The girl yelled.

“I can out smart a ten-year-old girl.”  He thought.  “It’s okay, I don’t want to hurt anyone… You… You just startled me that is all I am sorry I shot at you.  Come on out so I can take you some place safe.”  He said moving between the rows of boxes.  

“Don’t make me hurt you!”  She yelled to him.

“Hurt me?  You are a ten-year-old unarmed girl, how are you going to hurt me?”  He thought still moving along the row of boxes.  “Just come out and we can talk, don’t you want to talk to me?”  He said.

“No! I don’t talk to strangers and you are stranger.”  The girl replied.

“That is okay just keep talking.”  He thought knowing she was giving away her position each time.  Then he saw her run to another row, he fired but missed “Son of a bitch!” he shouted.

“That is a bad word, and you shot at me again!”  She yelled.

“She isn’t afraid, what that hell is this?”  He thought as she stepped in front of him.  He pulled the rifle up but his arms started to tremble.  And what was wrong with her eyes?  They are all black.  Horrified he tried to pull the trigger but couldn’t, something no someone was in his head.  

“Get…Out… of my… head” he managed to say before he went still dropping the rifle as his hands went limp to his side.

“I warned you.”  A voice in his head said “Now you will have to be punished for being a bad man.” The girl’s voice inside of his head said.  

Then he could feel his arms moving up toward his face, he tried to fight but each time his head would explode in pain.  Suddenly his hands were at his eyes and with a quick jab his index fingers plunged deep into his eyes digging at them.  He screamed in pain but was helpless to stop it as a loud wet pop sound came and his world went black.  Blood ran from his eyeless sockets as she made him walk over to the wall.  At her request he slammed his head over and over into the wall until a loud crack of his skull splitting open echoed in the room he then fell convulsing, until he died blood flowing from his eyes and now opened skull.  

“I did warn you.”  She said as her eyes went back to normal.
Chapter 5


Liara paced back and forth waiting for the arrival of her former husband and daughter on the old space station.  It was in decent shape and she and Sapphire whom she picked up on her way got the power running rather easily.  Shepard was going to meet them any moment and Liara didn’t know how she would feel about a clone of her husband.  Though she was sure Cerberus spun him a lie telling him that she abandoned him and they saved him.  She hoped he would still believe her about his current masters.

“Doctor please stop pacing you are driving me crazy.” Sapphire said looking up from her current task at hand which was sharping her knife.

That knife plunged the Alliance into chaos when it killed the civilian head of the human government.  The Alliance kept a tight lid on the story but whispers have been occurring over the last few days and Sapphire knew the truth would come out.  Not that she would be blamed that was taken care of.  A ransom letter made it look like she was kidnapped and the Prime Minister was accidentally killed in a failed attempt to save his lover.  

“Who is working for whom again?”  Liara said back and resumed her pacing.
Sapphire smiled and shrugged then returned to her knife.

Shepard was delayed when Kelly was found dead it had been three days since he agreed to meet with her and each day was harder to bare than the next.  “What if he hates me?”  She had asked herself knowing if he did then there was nothing she could do.  “Stop it, he is a clone of your husband!”  The other side of her mind would scream which was only followed by “Yes, but what if he hates me?”  It was maddening and in fact she had considered calling off the meeting and simply having Sapphire meet up with them but that wasn’t practical. In the end she kept the appointment and now as the seconds ticked by her heart and mind were kicking into overdrive.

“A shuttle is approaching.” Glyph said popping out of nowhere, affectively snapping Liara out of her own mind.

“Tell them to dock at bay one.”  Liara said looking at Sapphire and nodding toward the greeting area.

Liara didn’t know what kind of reception she would be receiving but she was sure, well ninety percent sure that it would be civilized.  Sapphire was around in case it got ugly, Liara had told her Asari assassin that no one was to be seriously injured if that were to happen.  “Just get us off the station as fast as possible.”  She told her while coming up with a plan.

Sapphire followed her new assignment which was much better than the last but Dr. T’Soni reminded her of her contact to the Shadow Broker but she quickly dismissed this.  The man said watch this Asari so she watched her enjoying the view while she did of course.  “Do you want me near you when the meeting occurs?”  She asked as they moved briskly toward the greeting area.

“Yes, but remember what I said.”  Liara told her not breaking stride.

“Don’t worry, all I have is stun rounds, they try anything and they will just wake up three hours later with a giant headache.”  Sapphire said pulling her pistol from her side looking at it.

“Don’t underestimate these people.”  Liara responded and stopped about twenty meters from the docking bay doors.

It didn’t take long and a group of three two men one woman entered the area.  “Air and atmosphere are within normal limits.”  The female said and the group stopped and removed their helmets.  
Sapphire couldn’t believe her eyes “Holy shit!” she thought recognizing Admiral Shepard.  She straighten a little instinctively and watched the two she didn’t recognize but the Asari looked to be family of Dr. T’Soni.

“Liara, why drag me out here?”  Shepard said matter of fact.

“Nice to see you too.” Liara said hoping she didn’t sound like a school girl.

“I’m sure you know being the Shadow Broker that our Prime Minster was killed three days ago, as you can imagine I don’t have time for reunions at the moment.”  He said motioning to an area of chair where they could sit.

“Anima…”  Liara said in a pained voice.

“Save it mother.”  Anima responded coldly and Liara winced as if stuck by the words.
Sapphire couldn’t believe what she just heard and while processing this new information she didn’t notice the group had already sat down and were now looking at her with faint smiles on their faces.

“Agent Sapphire if you could join us.”  Delta finally said with a small chucky.

“Oh…Um… yes of course, sorry.”  She stammered embarrassedly moving to the chair next to Liara and sitting down, her face flushed.

Liara looked at her “yes I am the Shadow Broker, nice to finally meet you.”  Then turning to Shepard “Thank you for that John.”  Liara said.

“How was I to know you didn’t tell her?  Now back to the urgent news you had to share in such a cloak and dagger way.”  Shepard said his voice cold but Liara heard a bit of pain in it as well.

“Here is what I have and why it was impossible for use to discuss it over the QEC.”  Liara said handing him an OSD.

“What’s on it?”  Delta asked.

“A list of every Cerberus operative masking as Alliance to include the former Prime Minister.”  Liara said watching Shepard for a reaction.

“They are in the Alliance now or did you miss that?”  Anima said mockingly.

“I also know that the Krogan didn’t fire on your team.”  Liara said looking at her daughter.

“What?”  Anima said.  She had forgotten about the mission where she gave the order to have the Krogan home world destroyed.

“Samantha came to you told you about what she found, didn’t you find it odd that shortly after we were ordered back to Thessia?”  Liara said her voice steady.  “They were framing you to get to me, and I let them.  I thought I could protect you from them, but now…”  Liara’s voice wavered.

“Who shot at her crew then?”  Delta asked.

“The Asari did.”  Liara said her voice cold. “It removed the Krogan threat and allied the remaining Krogan with the Citadel.  What I didn’t know at the time was that Cerberus has agents in every species government except the Quarians.”  She finished.

“Cerberus is a pro human…”  Delta said before being cut off by Liara.

“Was a pro human group Captain, they are just in it for power now.  New management and all, though I am sure the same old pro human propaganda is still around.”  Liara said.

Shepard hadn’t said a word he just looked at the OSD getting angrier by the second.  “Why hadn’t I seen this coming?”  He asked himself.  “How do I know this is true?”  He finally said entering the conversation.

“Why would I lie to you?” Liara responded.

Shepard considered, he knew from Anima’s story that she hadn’t left him behind but she hadn’t contacted him either.  Even if he was a clone he was still him or so he hoped.  “It is a lot to take on faith is all Liara.”  He finally said.

“Which is why you have all my research.”  Liara said back quickly and Shepard nodded.

“You know what this bloody well means right?”  Delta said to the group.  

“Cerberus won.” Anima said her eyes glassy and fixed on nothing.  “They played us at every turn, and we didn’t even know it.  We were so smug about beating them once that we dismissed their return.  People died because of our inability to get over our own egos.”  She finished a single tear falling from her left eye.  

“Like hell they did!”  Delta said as long as I am still breathing they haven’t won.

“What do you suggest Delta killing all these people?”  Shepard said holding up the OSD.
No one answered, but they all knew what the future would hold under Cerberus rule.  Everyone was quite for a long time until Shepard spoke up.

“We still have a mission, I was given a go by Alliance HQ to retrieve the original viral strain from Krios.  The Ledan are still planning a full scale attack and who is in charge at the moment doesn’t really matter.”  He said standing up.  

“Shepard… I…”  Liara said stopping herself from saying what she wanted to say.  She wanted to scream that she loved him and needed him, but now wasn’t the time for silly emotions.  “I don’t think that is a wise idea.” She said instead.

“It needs to happen, what good is beating Cerberus if we all die of the plague?”  He said.

Liara nodded and stood up as the other did she saw her daughter still reliving her toughest moments and went to her.  She took her hands and looked at her oldest daughter.  “I never stopped loving you, but if they knew that you would be locked up somewhere.  I need you to get your sister away from Cerberus Anima get her on the Bastogne with you.”  Liara said to her daughter then hugged her and smiled when Anima hugged her back.


Jane walked back to her sleeping pod at a brisk pace she wanted to watch this vid diary that had been floating around the ship since one of the crew got back from shore leave.  All she knew is that once people watched it they wouldn’t talk about it and they got quiet.  That was enough for her to be intrigued, plus she had a twenty four hour pass from training.  She got to her room which she shared with a few others but they worked a different shifts so she would have the place to herself for at least the next six hours.  She opened her pod kicked off her boots and sat down powering up the data pad that contained the vid.  

The screen flickered then a picture of a white table and chair in what looked like a windowless interview room.  Jane didn’t see what the big deal was and was about to turn off the data pad when a young man in his mid-twenties was directed to the chair where he sat down.  He had blond hair that was cut short to his head, light blue eyes and what looked like a scar on his forehead.

“What is your name?” a man asked from off camera.

The young man looked up and around at the room “what is this about?” he asked pointing toward the camera.

“Military archives, now please state your name for the record.”  The other man said.
The young man took a deep breath “Dennis *loud beep*” his last name was censored for some reason.  Jane figured it had to do with privacy issues.

“Thank you Dennis, you don’t mind if I call you that do you?”  The other voice said.

“It’s your world, I’m just living in it, Sir.”  Dennis replied.

“Yes, well I am Dr. Amir Saddler.  I just wanted to ask you a few questions about your mission.”  He said in a friendly tone.

Dennis takes another deep breath “then who are they?” he said pointing at something off screen.

“Just assistants here to observe.”  Amir replied.

“Fine, yeah ask away.  You want to hear how things got all FUBAR’d what’s it to me?”  Dennis said harshly.

“Okay, tell me about what you were there to do.”  Amir said.

“I was attached as a medic to a unit that was tasked with guarding what was left of earths oil supply.  Don’t ask me why we don’t even use that black shit anymore, but some top brass got a hard on for helping the locals maintain their natural resources. Or something like that so we went in and shit went downhill from there.”  Dennis said taking a deep breath and continuing.  “Look it was a simple op, go in secure the AO set up a perimeter wait for reinforcements leave.  Problem is Intel dropped the ball as if they can ever hold it and we get fucked.”

“So tell me about the mission.”  Amir probed looking for something.

“Fine, sure.  We went in at night easier to insert under cover of darkness the shuttle landed and we took up positions as it lifted off.  The place smelled and I mean bad like burning rubber and garbage.  Of course it was hot as hell even at what was 2300 local time, we were on an abandoned air field and right away I didn’t see any oil rigs so my bull shit alarm went off.  I knew this wasn’t the same mission we had been briefed on so I asked my LT what was up.  He said orders changed shut up and move out.  He always liked me.”  Dennis said pulling a pack of cigarettes from under the table.  “You mind?”  He asked putting one in his mouth.

“Not at all, please continue.” Amir responded.

“Now something most people don’t know is what a hypersonic round does to a piece meat when it hits it.  Trust me if you don’t have armor or kinetic barriers it is going to ruin your whole day.”  Dennis said lighting the cigarette in his mouth then taking deep breath then exhaling the smoke.  His eyes fixed on something and glassed over.  “Not something they really train in Medic school either, sure there are simulators but trust me not the same… Ever grab a raw piece of beef like a steak?”  Dennis asks his eyes still fixed forward.

“Yes.”  Amir says.

“Well that is what human flesh, human meat feels like not at first mind you it is still warm, but later when shock sets in… Anyway I am getting ahead of myself.”  Takes another drag off of his cigarette.  

“We moved deeper into this airfield, night vision wasn’t working because of course we get dropped off right before a damn sand storm so they were worthless.  Just then LT points to an empty building and yells ‘there’ so we move out.  The twelve of us move in secure the building then meet back up to go over this new mission.”  Dennis takes another drag off the cigarette.  

“LT says we got diverted to secure some chemical weapons that some locals said they found.  Now again alarms go off in my head but LT looks at me with the ‘don’t fucking start Doc’ look so I shrug and light a smoke, and pass the pack around to the guys.  I say guys but we had two hard ass females with us, could out ruck most guys so they were guys in my book.  Anyway that is when it started, a loud snap as a round went by my ear close enough to hear but not hit my barrier.  We all hit the ground and crawled over to wall and then all hell breaks loose, we began to take heavy fire and just when I think we are screwed it stops.  They just stopped shooting at us, I look over and Smith was hit.  His fucking barrier failed didn’t even know it, there was no point checking him out his entire back half of his skull was now painting the wall behind him.  His eyes just stared straight up at the ceiling like ‘this wasn’t supposed to happen’.  It never is I thought as I grabbed one of his dog tags and handed it to LT.  Oh you know that popular move in the vids where the hero shuts the dead friend’s eyes right after they die?”

“Yes” Amir responds.

“Yeah it’s all bull shit, a person has to be dead a while for that to work pull them down they open right back up.”  Again Dennis’s eyes stare off.

“Continue.” Amir says.

“So we knew we weren’t alone at this point, but no clue as to who or want was pissed enough to shoot at us.  With the sand storm now raging there was no way of knowing either and that is when they hit us again.  This time with mortar fire.”  Dennis makes a fist and bangs the table simulating the incoming rounds. “Just boom *bangs fist on table* boom, boom, boom!  The wall exploded by the forth shell throwing us back and I of course land on Smith and my world goes white everything slows down and I just try not to pass out.  I focused so much on that I didn’t hear the screams of pain at first.”  Dennis takes a long drag off the cigarette his hands trembling slightly.  

“Who was hit?”  Amir asked trying to keep the young man on task.

“Who wasn’t, everyone but me had something wrong with them, I checked my barriers and they were at fifty percent so I slapped a new battery in.  I stood up on legs that felt like Jell-O and began to triage my friends.  Injures raged from a broken arm to evisceration of the abdomen, LT had the broken are and was with it enough to apply some Medigel and started on the shrapnel injures.”  Dennis said then finished his cigarette and lit a new one.  

“That left a quadruple amputation with a blown out eye, and she was such a looker.  Jenny was always the one to give me shit, I rushed to her and began to apply Medigel and tourniquet the limbs that when she stopped breathing, I started CPR out of not wanting to give up on her.  You are taught that CPR is one luxury you don’t have with battlefield medicine, but I didn’t care my friend was dying and I just kept pressing on her chest.  I felt the ribs crack and I would still be doing CPR right now if out of the corner of my eye I didn’t see Tim trying to hold his own intestines inside.  That brought me back I could use up all my time and energy and maybe save her and lose everyone else I could do my job.”  Dennis paused for a moment to wipe a tear off of his cheek.

“I stopped grabber her dog tags and moved over to Tim. ‘Doc, you think I can get leave for this?’ Tim said to me with a pained smile.  Shit no Timbo you will just get seventy two hours on your back then LT will want you back.  I told him as I exposed his stomach injury, his small intestines had protruded out of a twenty inch laceration on his abdomen.  I hit him with Medigel which helped I gently dressed his wound, I didn’t notice that he had stopped breathing at first.  His trauma was too extensive.  Or I killed him when I fucked around with CPR guess I’ll know the truth but I know I’ll never forgive myself.”  Dennis inhales deeply coughs a little and continues.

“That is about the time LT yells out ‘Contact left!’ I turned to look to see a Blue Sun Merc running in his assault rifle in hand I pulled my pistol but before I could fire LT dropped him with his shotgun.  Of course there were more and that is when a few grenades were tossed in, LT looked at me and before I could say anything he jumped on them the blast lifting him off his feet.  They were too close for his barrier to deflect the blast.  The rest is a blur, I remember more shots and screaming.  Someone pulled me off LT I fought back, I didn’t know the LT had sent a distress call when Smith was killed.  The Alliance sent in another team who dispatched the Suns, I’m told they found me covered in my team’s blood to hold what was left of the LT’s skull together. They had to tranquilize me to get me off of him a pile of dog tags on the ground next to me.”  Dennis was now openly crying.

“You did your best.”  Amir said trying to comfort the young man.

“What do you want me to say?  I fucking failed?  They died the Medic lived?  You think I am okay with that?  I trained my entire life… and I do mean my entire life to save people only to be glad I still draw breath?  Fuck you and fuck your questions!”  Dennis responded then taking another drag off his cigarette.

“No…no that isn’t…” Amir said but was interrupted.  

Dennis jumped up grabbing one of the guard’s pistols and places it against his skull.  “You don’t get it!  You never fucking will!  I’m done, I’ve lost they don’t get to come home so why should I?!”  Sweat is now pouring down his face.

Amir still unseen pleads with his patient “Just put the gun down, your friends wouldn’t want…”  He is cut off.

“Don’t tell me what they would want!  You have no fucking idea what we wanted!  Tell you what” he said suddenly calm.  “Answer me this one question and I’ll give you this pistol.”  

“Agreed” Amir said franticly

“Why do I still see their faces?”  Dennis says tears now streaming down his face.


A loud bang filled the room and Dennis’s body slumped to the floor one single gunshot to his head ending his pain and all of the Alliance’s questions.

Jane tossed the data pad across the room, then bent over and threw up.
Mass Effect Infernus: Chapter 5
Shepard learns of the Cerberus conspiracy, and Jane gets a dose of reality.

5f9d918de107a07ddc7d8cd5b56a3197-d5iavv7 by ME-DarkSky  
Chapter 4

Xen walked down the hall with a sense of purpose, she was in her full enviro-suit to include her mask.  The black suit and mask reflected the white lights as she moved.  She arrived at her destination moments later and walked into the make shift children’s bay.  The children were sitting around not saying a word.  

“Hello children I hope that today’s tests will be more fruitful then yesterdays.  You wouldn’t want to upset Aunty Xen again.”  Xen said her voice even with no hint of emotion.

The children stood up and followed Xen as she led them down the hall, each child had a small collar on with a number on it.  None of the children spoke all of them had their heads down as if afraid.  A small girl no older than seven her blond hair shaved close to her skull coughed and Xen stopped and looked back, the girl began to shake and a tear escaped her right eye and rolled down her cheek.

“What did I say about coughing around me children?”  Xen asked slowly walking toward the girl who coughed.  

“Never to do it ma’am.” The children all said in unison, with no emotion as if this their humanity had been removed from them.  

Though the masked hid her face Xen was smiling at the idea of how easy humans broke when pain was involved.  She considered the terror to be enough but decided to correct the child anyway.  Pulling up her Omni tool she pressed a few buttons and the child’s collar sparked sending the girl to the floor in a hard spasm as her muscles contracted from the electricity now coursing through her.  The girl tried to scream but all that escaped her throat was a high pitch moan as her bladder emptied on the floor soaking her pants and the ground around her.

“Now look what you did!”  Xen screamed and the children pulled back in fear of what was surely next.  Xen turned off the shock collar and girl stopped convulsing at once and began to weep softly.  “Oh don’t play the victim my dear, you brought this on yourself!”  Xen said pushing another set of commands into her Omni tool and a single Geth appeared from one of the many doors.  

The Geth was a dark silver and the light bounced off its metallic body giving it an odd appearance.  
“Yes Master Xen how can we assist you?”  It said in a robotic tone that Xen liked, she had all the Geth reverted back to their servant software all except Legion of course.

“This one needs to be taught to follow instructions, take her and teach her what it means to obey.”  Xen said her voice was that of a person speaking to a servant.  

The Geth nodded and grabbed the child who was no openly crying but still laying in the puddle of her own urine by the ankle hard.  A little too hard as a loud snap filled the hall and the child screamed in pain as her ankle shattered under the Geth’s grip.  Xen and the Geth paid no attention to her cries of pain.  The Geth turned lifting the child by her broken leg and walked off taking her into one of the rooms.

“No we won’t have any more outburst today!”  Xen said her voice holding a hint of anger and pleasure at the same time.

The children nodded some had tears in their eyes but they fought them back and once again formed a line following Xen who was now whistling down the hallway.


Shepard was growing impatient with both Cerberus and the Alliance his mission had been scrubbed again now for the fifth time and he couldn’t figure out why.  He looked over the latest intelligence about the lab on Krios and nothing had changed other than the number dead on the Citadel from the virus.  It had mutated again and it was now burning its way through what was left of the Krogan and Turians.  Frustrated, Shepard slammed his fist into the desk and stood up “EDI get Alliance HQ on the comms.”  He said to the empty room knowing EDI was always listening.

“Right away Shepard.”  She responded

Shepard waited for the call for a moment but instead of an Alliance member answering EDI came back.

“Sorry Shepard they said they cannot speak to us at the moment.  However I do have an incoming call on the old emergency frequency, the one used on the Normandy.”  EDI’s voice had a bit of concern and intrigue.  

“Okay, put it through.”  Shepard said looking at his vid screen.

Shepard was waiting for an old friend to appear but instead got no picture only a voice. “Shepard, I need to speak with you and Captain Delta in person aboard your ship.  This is of utmost importance, the information I have cannot be broadcast over the net.”  The voice said in a hurry.

“Who is this?  How do you have this…?”  Shepard was cut off.

“No time for all of that, I will answer all your questions in person.  Head to the Horsehead Nebula, the old Cronos Station.  Bring your daughter along I think she will want to hear this as well.”  With that the connection broke and there was nothing but a faint static on the line.  
Shepard looked at the black screen thinking for a moment frowning as he did.  “I don’t like the sound of this” he thought.  “Okay EDI, take us to the Horsehead Nebula.”  He said, heading off to talk to Delta.


Liara slowly read and reread the report on her data pad not wanting to believe it.  Cerberus was now in power of the entire Alliance it said.  Had she missed something she thought over and over, but she was sure she hadn’t and worse this was saying the Prime Minister was just a puppet at this point.  She had feared this when Kelly announced he was allowing Cerberus back into the Alliance’s good grace.  “Glyph!” She said into the air calling for her info drown.

“Yes Dr. Shepar… T’Soni.”  The drone corrected itself.

“The damn thing how many times?” She thought but didn’t correct react this time.  “Get me the SSV Bastogne QEC as soon as we have an uplink.  Then message Agent Sapphire tell her Operation Cesar is a go.  That son of a bitch Kelly will pay for this!”  With that Liara walked out of her office on

Thessia over to the park where she played as a child and sat in the cool grass.  The wind was blowing and the perfume of spring was all around, she closed her eyes and thought of her daughters.  Neither were safe any longer and the High Command would use this slip up by her as an excuse to send agents after Anima.  “I have to warn them but…” the old Normandy frequency popped in her head and she had an idea.


Xen was back in her room sipping some tea no need for her suit now she wasn’t around those disgusting miniature humans or kids as they were called.  A smile flashed on her face as she remembered today’s tests.  It narrowed the potential subjects to two one male one female, and the female seemed to already has some basic biotic ability which was good news.  It would speed up her transformation.  She turned on her Omni tool pressed a few buttons and waited.

“Yes, this is Xen…  No, no I am fine...  Listen I’ve decided… yes you were right it is the female.  The male?  I don’t care what you do with him, we need someone to clean the air vents don’t we?  So what if is dangerous, I would rather risk him then one of my drones… Okay see to it, let the lab know we move to phase two in one hour.”  Xen ended the call and turned off the Omni tool, smiled then took another sip of tea.

Forty minutes later Xen appeared in her lab the brown hair girl who was about ten years old was strapped down to an exam table.  The girl is crying and looking around wildly as if looking for an escape that wasn’t there or a hero that wasn’t coming. “Those happen in movies not real life” she thought then she saw the crazy alien woman.  She didn’t like her one bit she liked hurting children.  She fixed her eyes now burning from the tears on Xen and watched her walk over to her.  

“Hello dear.”  Xen said her voice sweet and friendly.

“Hello ma’am” The girl responded in a flat tone.

“I need a helper, would you like to be my new helper?”  Xen said still using her friendly voice.

“No.”  The girl replied quickly.

Xen took a step back as if wounded by the girl’s words but she quickly recovered.  “It doesn’t matter what you want, we will tell you what you want in just a moment anyway.”  Xen snapped back her sweet voice all but gone now.  Xen looked at one of the technicians across the room. “Bring me the Reaper nanites, and hold the sedation I think she will enjoy this.”  Xen said.

The technician did as he was told and brought over a large metallic syringe.  Xen took it from him along with an alcohol wipe.

She lay on the exam table looking up at the ceiling she knew she shouldn’t have been rude to the alien lady but she didn’t care.  Then she felt two hands on her head holding it in place someone opening her mouth and placing a mouth piece in it.  “What are they…?”  Her thought was cut off as her head exploded with pain she bit down hard on the mouth piece tears flowing from her eyes she tried to scream but all that came out was a moan of agony.  She heard a loud pop and knew it was coming from her head then the burning started and this time she screamed in horror and pain before passing out.  

Xen looked down at the unconscious girl and smiled.  “Make sure you make her forget her past and for god sake give her a bath when you are done.”  She said turning “Oh and we begin her training in the morning.”  


Sapphire read the message that gave a simple command that simply said Operation Cesar is a go. “Finally.”  She said smiling and removed her knife from its sheath.  She put her right index finger to her right eye and turned on a neuro implant that displayed a map of the Prime Ministers compound.  A red dot marked his whereabouts or rather the implant she inserted in his left buttock while he slept.  “There you are sweetie, sorry but it is time for goodbye.”  She removed her finger and the map that displayed on her retina disappeared.

She grabbed her pistol and connected the silencer, attaching it to her belt she left the bedroom heading for his office.   Turning the corner she saw two Cerberus security guards and walked up to them.

“What is it ma’am?”  One of the guards said.

“I need to see him.” She replied holding the knife behind her back.

“Sorry ma’am no visitors he is in a meeting.”  The guard replied.

“I was hoping you would say that.”  She said smiling.

“Ma’am?” The guard said confused.

Sapphire brought the knife forward slashing the guard’s throat a spray of crimson hitting the wall as he fell back.  The second guard went for his weapon but Sapphire kicked him between the legs sending him to his knees, grabbing his crotch was the last thing he did in life as she plunged the knife deep into his neck and brought the blade forward nearly separating his head.  With the two guards taken care of she walked through the door into the next section of the compound.
Three guard came walking around a corner and noticed she was covered in blood and came running toward her.

“Ma’am are you okay?”  One guard said.

“It’s okay boys it’s not mine.”  She said pulling her pistol and shooting all three in the head.  The guards fell at her feet and she continued toward the next room which was her former lover’s office.

Kelly sat at his desk looking over Cerberus and Alliance reports though at this point they were one in the same.  He hadn’t wanted to trust Cerberus but he knew the cost of his rise to power and wasn’t going to mess it up now.  One of the reports said that Shepard was asking to go into the Krios lab again and he was getting tired of stalling the Bastogne.  For some reason Cerberus didn’t want to risk him on that mission.  Then he heard a knock on the door and looked up.

“Enter.”  He said in a matter of fact way that comes from being in charge.  

The door opened and he saw is soon to be wife standing in the door covered in what looked like blood.  “My God are you okay?”  He said standing from behind his desk.

She didn’t answer just walked in turned, shut and locked the door then turned back toward him.  
“I’m fine dear but I am afraid your guards aren’t.” She said with a hint of a smile.

“What happened?”  Kelly asked moving from around his desk walking toward her but he stopped cold when he saw the knife in her hand.  “What is going on?  What did you do?”  He said trying not to let on he was scared.

“I am afraid our time together has come to an end, consider this goodbye.”  With that she threw her knife hitting him in the chest knocking him back until he hit his large wooden desk and fell back onto it.

She walked over to him slowly he was coughing up blood now still trying to understand what just happened.  She leaned over him and grabbed the knife. "I'll always remember last night, but I think we can forget about tomorrow."  With that she thrust the knife completely into his chest and held it there as his body began to spasm as it fought to remain alive, but a few seconds later his last breath came and went.  She whispered one more thing "I just can't live with the pathetic tickles that you call sexual thrusts' anymore." And kissed his forehead then with a violent action pulled the knife from his chest wiped it on his suit jacket, sheathed it, picked up his phone on the desk and called for a cab.
Mass Effect Infernus: Chapter 4
Xen's new project brings results and Shepard gets an interesting call. 

5f9d918de107a07ddc7d8cd5b56a3197-d5iavv7 by ME-DarkSky 
Chapter 3
Welcome to the End


First Lieutenant Dan Desoto of the Alliance Marines slowly opened his amber colored eyes which instantly began to burn and tear up as the rancid air that now made up most of the atmosphere on Earth hit them.  He quickly covered them with his goggles and the pain subsided, “must have knocked them off in my sleep” he thought standing up from dirty bare mattress.  His vision was still slightly blurred from the onslaught of chemicals that his eyes just endured but it was getting better.  His lungs burned slightly and he wondered just how long it would be until the very air he breathes will kill him.  Dying didn’t concern him anymore he had lost nearly everyone he cared about left behind by the Alliance his armor was dirty and scratched.  He vowed to avenge his unit who was tasked to find survivors on Earth get them out, he was to be evacuated thirty six hours after insertion that was five months ago.  Had the mission ended on time he could have got fifty civilians to safety but that number has since dropped to less than twenty.  

A young female Alliance Marine in fully battle uniform including her helmet walked up to him and saluted.  Dan returned the salute “Where are we at?” He asks her dropping his right hand down from his brow.

“Twenty civilians, three military mission ready, two military KIA, three military MIA presumed KIA, and two wounded civilians in serious condition.  Doc says if they don’t get care soon…” her words trailed off once she noticed his eyes.

“Don’t worry they are fine, goggles slipped off while I was sleeping.”  He said almost reading her mind.  Though he couldn’t see her face through the helmet he knew she was blushing, the night they shared together before the mission had made things more complicated but he didn’t regret it.  

“Yeah well you wouldn’t be wearing those shitty goggles if it wasn’t for me getting my helmet shot up.”  She reminding him.

“Well I was going to do a statement of charges and bill you for it, but I figured you would need to see as well.”  He said playfully and pulled her close to him.


She didn’t fight him when he grabbed her waist though his hands were a little liberal in their placement.  She playfully pushed him back “don’t start something we can’t finish… Sir.”  She said.  She was always warned never to get mixed up with a commanding officer but she wasn’t ashamed.  Besides the heart wants what the heart wants she thought.

“Yes ma’am.”  Dan said saluting as a big grin flashed over his face.  

“Gunnery Sergeant Alanson to you, I work for a living.”  She said with a laugh.

“Got it Crystal.  Tell Doc I need to see him, we are moving north again.”  He said to her bringing the discussion back to the task at hand.

“Yes sir.”  She said and left him though she knew he was watching her leave and it made her body quiver as a wave of heat washed over her.  “Stop it, acting like a damn school girl with a crush!”  A voice in her head told her, but she didn’t want to stop it.  She finally found someone who looked past her looks which were quiet nice if she did say so and into her.  She wanted to get off Earth and back to their ship, she wanted to feel his skin on hers once again, and to lose herself in passion of the moment.  “After ten showers of course” she thought, so lost in her thoughts she didn’t see Doc Winters until he was nearly right in front of her.  

“Day dreaming?” The Corpsman asked.

“What?!  No, um… LT needs to talk to you.  How are the civilians?” She asked hoping he didn’t notice the embarrassment in her voice.  

“Right, got it… they are scared, tired, hungry, and two won’t survive another move.”  He told her in a matter of fact way that concerned her.  

Winters had a way of cutting through the bull shit when he had to.  She guessed all medics and corpsman had to have that ability, but she just nodded and he went to see the LT.  She walked over and grabbed her rifle that was leaning on a busted up wall.  They had found a burnt out building for the night, travel at night wasn’t wise.  Suddenly there was a light tap on her right leg and she looked down to see a young girl holding up a small yellow flower a dandelion she guessed.  Those weeds could survive everything she thought taking the small flower from the girl.  “Thank you.”  She said.

“You are welcome, thank you for saving me.” The girl said before running off.
She watched the little girl run back to the group and felt the rage rising inside of her.  


“Are you sure?” Crystal asked Dan as he pulled her into his small quarters on the Empire a next generation carrier in the Alliance.  She knew they had a mission in a few hours to Earth no less and he wanted to do this now?

“We might never have the chance if we wait.”  Dan said before closing the door and sitting her on his bed.

“Don’t talk like that, you know I don’t think it is funny.  Besides how hard can a sweep mission be?”  Crystal said watching Dan take off his shirt exposing his torso, he wasn’t overly muscular but tone and she reached up and helped him out of his pants. “Please don’t let me regret this.”  She thought to herself right before standing up and kissing him hard on the lips.


“I don’t care!”  Dan screamed at Doc Winters.  “We can’t stay here, so if they die then they will do it on the move!”  Dan slammed his fist into a small charred table breaking it.

“Fine! You asked for my opinion and I gave it LT.  I am not going to sugarcoat it to make you feel better about the decisions you made to get us here!”  Doc screamed back.

“What is that?”  Dan said now with fire in his eyes, the goggles making them look a little bigger.

“You fucking heard me, and you know I am right.”  Winters said not backing down an inch.  


Crystal slowly opened her deep blue eyes and brushed her long black hear from her face.  Blue eyes were all but extinct in the human race now, but some had them from genetic modifies.  Hers on the other had were one hundred percent natural, even her doctors couldn’t really explain it.  

“Well look who decided to wake up.”  Dan said with a smile on his face.  “I need to go to the briefing for the Earth mission now, looks like in a few days we will be home… what’s left of it that is.  Take as long as you want, the shower might have some warm water left if you are lucky.  I’ll see you at breakfast in about an hour.”  He finished then put on his top.

Crystal only smiled and watched him leave, well watched a certain part of his anatomy once the door shut she decided to take him up on that shower.  Walking over she turned it on “Hmm warm water.”  


“Let’s go!”  Dan scream back to those behind him as they moved through the streets he was on point Crystal behind him the civilians next followed by two make shift litters carried by a few civilians and lastly Winters was bringing up the rear of the formation.  

“We need to take a break Dan.”  Crystal said to him, but he just shook his head and kept the pace up.

Moving through the streets was dangerous and Dan didn’t want to repeat past mistakes.  If they stop now they could be ambushed by the gangs that now controlled the streets.  The stench of gas and burning rubble filled his nose and he coughed his lungs were on fire and his legs ached.  “We need to…” Before he could finish Doc Winters spoke up.
“We got one down!”  He yelled up to Dan who stopped and looked back.  Dan looked and saw one of the civilians clutching his chest and laying on the ground.  He saw the man go limp and Doc starting CPR.  “Leave him!”  Dan shouted.

“Are you insane?  I’m not leaving him until I know he is dead!”  Doc responded and continued CPR.  

Dan had enough he slowly walked up to the dying man pulled his pistol and shot him twice in the skull.  The man’s skull opened up spraying Doc Winters in blood and brain matter.  “He’s dead, now let’s go.”  Dan said heading back to the front looking out at the horizon.

“Have you lost your mind?”  Winters asked in disbelief.

“We don’t have the supplies or the time for you to waste on a sixty year old man who was overweight as it is.  Call it battlefield triage if you want, report me when we get back if you like.  However right now Doc I need to keep as many people alive as I can until we can contact the Alliance or find a shuttle.”  He said starting to walk again “Let’s go! Either follow me or stay but I don’t have time for a fucking debate!”  With that the civilians began to follow.


“So that is the plan everyone got it?”  Dan asked his team.

“Got it Sir.”  Crystal said with a hint of a smile on her lips.
Dan nodded and smiled back “Okay everyone on the shuttle, let’s get this over with.” He said then got on the shuttle that would drop them off and return to the carrier.  It wasn’t safe to keep it in place.  A short bumpy flight down to the Earth’s surface and the team disembarked and looked at what had become of the Planet that gave birth to the human race.  

“God help us.” Winters said looking around.

What was once the largest city on Earth, Dallas had become a smoldering ruin, skyscrapers were on fire in the background their dark back smoke blocking out most of the sunlight.  Dead bodies littered the streets in various levels of decay from skeletal remains to days old and the smell would have been over powering but the team kept their helmets on.  

“Let’s go, we got thirty six hours to get to the distress beacon get the immune survivors and call the shuttle.” Dan said as he moved out deeper into the city.  

Crystal couldn’t believe what she was seeing, she had visited Dallas on leave once and at the sight of what had become of it her heart sank in her chest.  She reached down and picked up a paper newspaper “that’s odd” she thought knowing most cities didn’t print on paper anymore due to the cost.  But the headline explained it for her “Group Destroys Extranet Hub in Terrorist Attack 1,000 Dead or Injured.”  She walked and continued to read the article below the headline.

“Dallas, Texas — Authorities blamed a bombing rampage that killed 829 people and wounded 171 at an Extranet and Business station in southern Dallas on separatists from the state’s far west and vowed a harsh crackdown Sunday, while residents wondered why their laid-back city was targeted.

Alliance Marines fatally shot four of the assailants — putting the overall death toll at 833 — and captured another after the attack late Saturday in Austin, the capital of Texas, the official Alliance News Agency said. But authorities were searching for at least five more of the black-clad attackers.
Local broadcaste DFWTV said two of the assailants were women, including one of the slain and the one detained.

“All-out efforts should be made to treat the injured people, severely punish terrorists according to the law, and prevent the occurrence of similar cases,” said Dallas’s top police official, Dallas PD Chief Mark Zenack.  The FBI also arrived in Dallas early Sunday, an indication of how seriously authorities viewed the attack.
The attackers’ identities have not been confirmed, but evidence at the scene showed that it was “a terrorist attack carried out by The Society of the Lamb which is a religious separatist force,” Zenack said. The far western region of Texas is home to a simmering rebellion against Alliance rule by the members of the Society, and some of the western population.  The Alliance has responded there with heavy-handed security vowing to root out those responsible.”  

Before she could read anymore a large crack filled her helmet and she was knocked backwards in as her vision went black.  The last thing she heard before she blacked out was gunfire and someone screaming “For God.”


Dan held up the group he couldn’t believe his eye there was an Alliance Shuttle with a Cerberus patrol about 500 meters in front of the group.  “We will get out of here after all.”  And turned around to the group.

“Okay I know we are all tired but about 500 meters north of here is our way out of this nightmare.”  Dan said and paused looking at everyone “I know you don’t agree with what I have done, but it was for the greater good of the group, I hope that someday you can see that.”  With that he turned around and led them toward the shuttle and the end of the mission.


Three of the Cerberus troops were off loading a large canister when the mission leader spotted the group heading for them.  “What the hell?”  He said to himself.  “Get the damn things off loaded we need to deal with this.” He snapped and the troops did as they were told.  He pulled up his Omni tool and contacted his mission control, Admiral Xen.

“This is Blackhawk 6, requesting instructions from the Admiral.”  He said and waited.

“What is it Six?  Are you finished?”  Xen snapped back over the comms.

“No ma’am we have a group of civilians lead by what looks like three Alliance Marines, what are your orders?”  He replied.

“Any children among them?”  Xen asked her voice sounding hopeful.

“Yes ma’am looks like five of them are children.”  He replied still watching the group approach.

“Bring me the children I have just the project for them, the rest can spend their last few minutes on Earth.  Remember those fuel bombs go off in ten minutes I suggest you make it quick or you will not be leaving either.  Xen Out”

The Cerberus leader closed the Omni Tool and walked over to the other troops who just finished the job and told them the new mission.


Dan walked up to the leader and offered his hand but before he could say thanks a shot rang out hitting him square in the forehead sending a pink mist of blood and brain into the air behind him.  His lifeless body took one more step forward and fell to the ground.  

“Sniper!” Called out the Cerberus leader and quickly ran forward rounded up the children and ushered them onto the shuttle.  Once he was sure they were safe he shot the remaining two Alliance Marines in the head point blank as they looked at the roof tops for enemy fire.  

“Good work soldier, return to the shuttle we need to get out of here.”  The Leader said as he finished off the remaining survivors with a quick bust from his pistol.  Each fell where they stood their blood staining the street below their bodies all of their faces frozen with either shock or terror.  The leader shrugged his shoulders and boarded the shuttle where the others were tranquilizing the children.  Before the door closed he radioed Xen once more “Mission complete.”  With that the door closed and the shuttle lifted off, from behind it a large explosion leveled what was left of Dallas, Texas.
Mass Effect Infernus: Chapter Three
A mission to Earth goes very wrong for a group of Alliance Marines.


Half way there

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